Licensed Professionals Program for Substance Abuse Treatment

Our licensed professionals’ program was tailored to help patients overcome addiction and return to their careers with confidence.

Programs & Topics for Licensed Professionals

Because of the unique issues licensed professionals face, our program was designed to address the challenges of:

  • High stress work environments
  • Caregiver stress and burnout
  • High professional expectations
  • Shame and stigma for professionals
  • Unclear boundaries
  • Access to pharmaceuticals
  • High exposure to trauma or trauma-related incidents
  • Licensing concerns and future employment
  • Fears about the ability to continue in the profession

We offer a variety of different types of addiction treatment to suit the personalized needs of the individual. These include:

  • Detox: A highly supervised treatment to help patients overcome the adverse effects of drug or alcohol withdrawal.
  • Inpatient Treatment: A live-in type of rehab where patients receive therapy and medical oversight from professionals.
  • Outpatient Treatment: “Part-time” treatment where patients attend a treatment programs after work or on the weekends.

Which Licensed Professionals Do We Treat?

We work with a variety of different types of licensed professionals ranging from those that work in healthcare, law, and more. Professionals we treat include (but are not limited to):

You do not need to be a licensed professional to get admitted into treatment.

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If you believe you or someone you love may be struggling with addiction, let us hear your story and help you determine a path to treatment.

There are a variety of confidential, free, and no obligation ways to get in contact with us to learn more about treatment.

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