Can You Smoke Cigarettes in Rehab?

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American Addiction Centers offers free and confidential guidance to those suffering from addiction. Call today if you believe you or someone you love is struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol in addition to smoking cigarettes .

Can You Smoke in Rehab?

Yes, smoking cigarettes is allowed in most of our rehab facilities. Smoking rules may vary between different rehab centers and are determined by the rehab facility you wish to attend. Please discuss this with staff prior to or during check-in for smoking rules. Typically, there are breaks where one can go to a designated smoking area to smoke.

How Do I Get Cigarettes While in Rehab?

If you would like to smoke while in rehab, you must bring your own unopened packs or cartons. Family and friends may also send them to you, but these must also be factory sealed. Money may also be used to buy cigarettes in rehab during periodic store-runs that are facilitated by staff.

Can I Quit Smoking While in Rehab?

Typically, American Addiction Centers’ rehabs do not treat nicotine addiction as the sole drug of abuse. We may however treat nicotine addiction in addition to other drugs or alcohol addictions. if you are struggling with an addiction to drugs in addition to smoking cigarettes and would like to discuss treatment options.

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