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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers in Dallas, Texas

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Dallas rehabs for drug and alcohol addiction treatment provide evidence and group based therapies to help you or a loved one quit using drugs and find lasting treatment. Nestled in northern Texas, rehab centers in Dallas offer drug detox services as well as inpatient and outpatient treatment that is catered towards your personalized needs.   

Where is Addiction Treatment Located in Dallas, TX?

Located in northeastern Texas, the city of Dallas is home to a total of 1,343,565 residents.3 This city sits almost directly in the middle of Dallas County, a county home to 2,635,516 people.4 With so many people to serve, rehabs in the Dallas area are typically spread out throughout the entire region. You’ll find a cluster of facilities in the downtown city area of Dallas, making these drug rehabs convenient to visit through public transit. There are also a few detoxes and rehabilitation facilities in the quieter parts of Dallas County outside of the city center.

There are 17 drug and alcohol detox facilities in Dallas County,2 about 8.3% of the state’s 502 rehab centers.5 One of these facilities is AAC’s Greenhouse Treatment Center. Greenhouse Treatment Center is located conveniently between Fort Worth and Dallas at the intersection of TX-360 and I-30, just 15 minutes from the airport and 20 minutes from Dallas’s center city.

During the COVID-19 (aka coronavirus) pandemic AAC is available to answer questions about addiction and treatment options. Our Dallas addiction treatment and detox facility, Greenhouse Treatment Center, is open and accepting patients and has medical experts and a caring staff who will stand by you on your journey to recovery.

Do Rehab Centers in Dallas Treat Alcohol and Drug Addiction?

Yes, Dallas alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers treat all forms of addiction, including drug and alcohol addiction. In particular, fentanyl abuse is a growing problem in the Dallas, TX area. Dallas-Fort Worth saw an estimated 80 fentanyl-involved deaths per 100,000 people in 2020 based on projected data — up 400% from 2019. 6 Other drugs typically seen in fatal overdoses in Dallas include stimulants, heroin, and opioids.6

Some drug and alcohol rehab in Dallas may focus on treating one type of addiction or a certain population of those struggling with addiction, but this usually isn’t the case. More often than not, Dallas treatment centers treat a wide range of populations with addictions to various types of drugs.

What is the Cost of Rehab in Dallas, TX?

The price of rehab will depend on the level of care required and though private pay is an option, many insurance providers are now able to cover all or part of the cost of drug rehab depending on your level of coverage.

Does Insurance Cover Drug Rehab in Dallas?

The majority of Dallas rehab centers accept private or state-funded insurance. Greenhouse Treatment Center accepts private insurance plans through large companies such as Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, and more. We also work with TRICARE and the Veterans Affairs Community Care program to provide unparalleled care for those who have served in the armed forces, as well as their family members.

Fill in our form below to find out if your insurance provider may be able to help with the cost of treatment.

Can I Go to Rehab Without Insurance?

If you don’t have private health insurance or if paying out of pocket isn’t possible, you can still attend free rehab or low-cost addiction treatment in Dallas. 49.6% of Texas facilities offer what is called a “sliding scale” fee for those who pay privately or do not have health insurance. 5 You can also consider state-funded rehabs in the city of Dallas that offer treatment at little to no cost. Fill in the form below to see if your insurance provider may be able to cover all or some of the cost of treatment.

Other Ways to Get Help & Dallas Rehab Resources

  • American Addiction Center’s Drug & Alcohol Hotline – Call us at We offer a national, toll-free, 24 Hour helpline service provided to help those struggling with addiction find treatment.
  • Greater Dallas Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse provides free HIV testing, case management, behavioral interventions, and more for people in the Dallas area.
  • Dallas Area Narcotics Anonymous, the Dallas chapter of Narcotics Anonymous (NA), lets you meet with other drug users and work through the 12 steps of recovery.
  • Dallas AA, the Dallas chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous, lets you meet with other alcohol users and work through the 12 steps of recovery.
  • Texas Al-Anon/Ala-teen is an Alcoholics Anonymous group for the loved ones of those affected by alcohol abuse. Ala-teen is specifically for those under 20 years of age.
  • Region 3 Prevention Resource Center is a North Texas organization that focuses on preventing prescription drug, marijuana, and alcohol abuse in the community.
  • North Texas Cocaine Anonymous is a support group specifically for those who abuse cocaine in the North Texas region.
  • NAMI North Texas Support Groups offer family support, parent support, and recovery support so everyone touched by addiction can get help.

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Common Dallas Rehab & Addiction Statistics

  • 1,816 pounds of marijuana, 421 pounds of methamphetamine, 62 pounds of opiates, and 58 pounds of cocaine were seized in Dallas County in 2016.7
  • 703 people were admitted to Dallas County Texas Health and Human Services-funded centers for substance abuse treatment in 2015.7
  • Marijuana accounted for 65.4% of youth substance admissions in Dallas County in 2014.7
  • In 2016, 25.5% of 7th through 12th graders in 19 north Texas counties drank alcohol.7
  • There were 480 poison control calls for alcohol poisoning in Dallas County in 2015.7
  • There were 668 poison control calls for stimulant and street drug overdoses in Dallas County in 2015.7
  • Texas substance abuse treatment facilities had 5,472 alcohol admissions, 6,586 heroin admissions, 7,559 marijuana admissions, and 6,223 methamphetamine admissions in 2015.8

Find Addiction Treatment in Near Me in Dallas, TX

To find a Dallas, Texas rehab center, call American Addiction Centers at Your designated navigator will help you understand your best addiction treatment options. You may also use our free insurance verification form below to check whether or not your insurance plan will pay for rehab at AAC’s Dallas rehabilitation center before speaking to an admissions navigator.

FAQ: Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Dallas

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