Rehab for NFL Alumni & Their Families

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The stigma of addiction is hard to overcome and has become a large barrier to finding the treatment that people need. Addiction affects people of all walks of life, including professional athletes and their families. No one understands the struggles professional athletes face better than Derek Price, the former CEO of Desert Hope Treatment Center and a former tight end for the Detroit Lions. That’s why American Addiction Centers partnered with the NFL Alumni Association to provide discrete addiction treatment to NFL Alumni and their family members.

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The cost of rehab should not be a barrier to treatment. Find out instantly if your insurance provider may be able to cover all or part of the cost of treatment.

Learn More About The Stigma of Addiction Amongst Athletes

See our latest episode of Addiction Talk where past and present NFL players: Matthew Slater (New England Patriots), Patrick Venzke (Jacksonville Jaguars), Beasley Reece (Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Tampa Bay Buccaneers), and Derek Price (Detroit Lions), discuss the stigmas and difficulties professional athletes face in regard to addiction and finding treatment.

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