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Massachusetts Partial Hospitalization Program
Jun 26, 2024

A PHP is a highly supportive outpatient program that can provide you with both the scheduling flexibility you need, and the caring, comprehensive support required to achieve sobriety. What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)? A PHP is a highly supportive outpatient program that can provide you with both the scheduling flexibility you need, and […]

Can I Use My HSA For Drug Rehab?
Jun 20, 2024

What Is an HSA? A health savings account is a pre-tax savings account that you can use to pay for medical expenses.1 Using an HSA can help you pay healthcare costs that you might otherwise pay out of pocket, such as deductibles, coinsurance, or copayments.1 Individuals or employers can contribute to an HSA, which covers […]

Racism, Health Inequities, and What it Means for Black People with Substance Use Disorders
Feb 2, 2024

How Racism Impacts Health and Treatment Among Black People Over the last several years, there has been increasing evidence indicating that structural factors are the fundamental cause of health inequities, which result in poor health outcomes among racial and ethnic minorities. Black people as well as other racial and ethnic minorities with a substance use […]

Why Seek Addiction Treatment During Thanksgiving?
Oct 24, 2023

Why is Thanksgiving the perfect time for rehab? For those struggling with addiction, treatment is the best gift you can give yourself, as few things can change your life as much or as quickly as sobriety. And when it comes to treatment, now—regardless of the time of year—is the best time to start. That’s the […]

3 Reasons Why Traveling to Drug Rehab is Best
Jul 26, 2023

  Is it better for a person to go to drug or alcohol rehab close to home or far away from home? In most cases, traveling to rehab is preferred over going to a place near where you live. While this may seem counterintuitive, expensive, and logistically challenging, in many cases, it’s the best decision. […]

Lunchtime Drinking
Aug 16, 2022

Public Services – 6% Working in public services – such as the police force, army, paramedics and air force – can be high-paced and extremely stressful, leading to higher alcohol consumption during the day. Education – 7% Dealing with children is especially tough and might make you want to sip on a glass of vino […]

Dry January
Aug 16, 2022

Based on a survey of 3,000 Americans

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