What to Do During COVID-19 Isolation

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As COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) social-distancing and quarantine measures continue across the world, many of us are struggling. Whether you are struggling with loneliness, fear of the unknown, stress of working from home, or just not knowing what to do throughout the day, remember you are not alone.

Anxiety, Stress, and Loneliness

Working from home during coronavirus isolation can be stressful.

Being isolated can cause many negative emotions and feelings such as, anxiety, stress, fear, and loneliness. These are all normal feelings and emotions to have during these current circumstances. For those of us working from home it’s important to keep a routine and balance throughout the day.

It can be tempting to become a couch potato, eat junk food all day, avoid exercising, or turn to substances to cope with the emotions of the day.

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Having a routine is a great thing to keep your mind focused and clear. Taking breaks throughout your workday, eating healthy and balanced meals, getting exercise and fresh air daily, and avoid binge watching hours of TV, are just a few ways to stay positive and healthy.

Due to the lack of commuting back-and-forth to an office, you’ve gained back some extra time in your day. That extra time can go toward learning something new, spending more quality time with your family, or the opportunity to focus on yourself through journaling, meditation, or reflection. You could also connect with friends and family through video calls and keep connections and relationships strong.

Connecting with Online Support

It’s important to remember that you are not alone, even if you feel alone. Being stuck in your home has its challenges, but luckily we live in a world full of technology, and with technology there always seems to be a solution.

There are many helplines and online groups you can connect with to get the support you need if you are recovering from an addiction or have a mental health issue.

Here are a few recovering substance abuse support groups:

Healthy Activities to Do at Home

Taking the time for yourself while working from home is important; mental health is just as important as physical health.

It’s important to set boundaries if you are isolated at home with your family. If you are working from home it’s also important to not overwork and get offline when your workday is complete.

Doing positive activities not only keeps you from feeling bored and cramped inside your home, but also provides mental stimulation, which will help you stay positive and healthy. Here are a few ideas of things to do at home:

  • Calling and video chatting with a friend.
  • Cleaning your home or re-organizing the junk in your garage.
  • Cooking or baking.
  • Exercising at home.
  • Going for a walk.
  • Playing board games.
  • Playing with your kids in the back yard.
  • Reading a book.
  • Watching a documentary.
  • Working on a craft or art project.
  • Working on a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Working on an online course.
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