Signs You May Need Rehab

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Attending a comprehensive addiction treatment program at a rehab facility is an essential first step in beginning recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction. Oftentimes people will try to stop substance misuse on their own without professional help and guidance provided at a rehab facility, however, it can be extremely difficult and in some cases dangerous.

Recognizing the signs that you may need professional rehab is an important step in addressing issues related to addiction, substance abuse, or certain mental health conditions. If you or someone you know is experiencing several of these signs outlined in this article, it may be a sign that you need professional rehab at an addiction treatment facility or setting.

Signs You May Need Professional Rehab

Below are some common signs that you or someone you love may need the help of a professional rehab program:

  • Cravings for a substance – Intense and persistent cravings or urges for drugs or alcohol can indicate a substance use disorder or addiction.
  • Inability to control substance use – If you find it difficult or impossible to control your substance use or addictive behaviors despite repeated attempts to quit or cut down, it may be a sign of addiction.
  • Physical health issues – Experiencing physical health problems related to substance abuse, such as liver damage, respiratory issues, or infections, may be a clear indicator of the need for help.
  • Neglecting responsibilities – If your substance use or addictive behaviors are causing you to neglect important responsibilities at work, school, or home, it’s a red flag.
  • Relationship issues – Difficulty maintaining healthy relationships with family, friends, or colleagues due to your substance use or behavior may suggest a need for professional intervention.
  • Legal problems – Legal issues resulting from substance use, such as DUI charges or arrests, can indicate a need for treatment.
  • Financial difficulty – Financial difficulties, such as spending a significant portion of your income on drugs or gambling, can be a sign of addiction or compulsive behavior.
  • Substance withdrawals – Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you stop using a substance or engaging in certain behaviors can be a strong indicator of addiction.
  • Increased tolerance levels – Developing a tolerance, which means needing more of a substance to achieve the desired effect, is a common sign of addiction.
  • Failed attempts to quit – Repeated unsuccessful attempts to quit or reduce substance use or addictive behaviors on your own may indicate the need for professional assistance.
  • Being secretive and isolated – If you are hiding your substance use or behaviors from others, or if you are withdrawing from social interactions, it may be a sign that you need help.

If you or someone you love is experiencing any of the above signs and symptoms, it may suggest the need for professional addiction treatment. It’s important you seek help as soon as possible and contact a treatment facility or healthcare provider to get further advice and guidance on how best to proceed.

Finding Help for Addiction

There are a variety of different levels of addiction treatment at rehab facilities throughout the nation so it’s important you seek guidance on the level of treatment is best suited to you. The levels of treatment range from medical detox, to inpatient rehab and outpatient treatment. It can be overwhelming trying to find treatment on your own as different rehab facilities will provide multiple types of care for multiple different addictions. Regardless of whether or not you have insurance coverage, you can contact us at American Addiction Centers (AAC) to help find you a treatment option today, by calling us at where we can help assess your individual situation and get you a suitable level of treatment.

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