I Just Finished Alcohol Detox — Now What?

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Completing your alcohol detox treatment program is a rewarding experience. You probably feel like a new person after detox. Your body is cleansed from toxins, your mind is thinking more clearly, and you have a new zest for life. It also is time to go home from the rehab facility.

You might be wondering: what happens after alcohol detox? It’s critical to be prepared as you take the step back into your new life. Here are 5 tips for succeeding post-detox.man with shot glass debating alcohol detox

Set Up Your Environment — Avoid Pitfalls After Alcohol Detox

When you get back home, the first thing you can do is set up your environment so you can succeed. You want to avoid the challenges that are common after alcohol detox. It’s important to prepare for the difficulties you may face so that you’ll be ready to overcome them. For some people, this means removing certain things they know will trigger them. Others may need to post affirmations around their home to remind them of their sobriety goals.

Put a Support Network in Place

Anything you attempt to do is easier if you have someone to help you through the difficult times. It’s critical that you have a few trusted people you can rely on in case you face a crisis or slip up. Isolating yourself and trying to handle things on your own could make things harder on yourself. When you have a person stand beside you through difficult times, you can overcome the situation.

Outpatient Rehab Treatment After Alcohol Detox

People who continue to seek treatment after completing their detox program are less likely to relapse. One of the key components to staying sober and not relapsing is cognitive-behavioral therapy.

During outpatient addiction treatment, you will meet with a therapist for 1-on-1 counseling, and you can attend group therapy sessions too. Therapy is designed to delve into the root causes of your addiction. You’ll also learn tools for relapse prevention so you can obtain long-term sobriety. Outpatient therapy is customized to your level of need. Some people meet once or twice a week, while others may attend more frequently.

Practice Self-Care

When you are living a life of alcohol addiction, you don’t take time for self-care. You are continually practicing the opposite of that by harming your body, mind, relationships, and professional life. So, while it might feel odd to practice self-care when you begin the recovery process, it’s an essential part of staying healthy and sober. Self-care is a necessary step back to health and relapse prevention.

Begin Your New Life

man triumphant after alcohol detox

It’s time to start your life anew now that you have completed detox. Give yourself a second chance, forgive your past, and look forward to your new life with hope and happiness. It’s okay to remember things from the past that caused you to want to drink, but don’t let the past overshadow your chance at a new life. Although you will always have to guard against alcohol, you don’t have to let your addiction define you.

Find out more about staying sober post-detox by getting in touch with American Addiction Centers. Contact our hotline at (866) 957-1781 today.


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