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Addiction Talk Episode 6: Mental Health & Veterans

In a special midday edition of Addiction Talk, Army veteran Annette Whittenberger, Army veteran Steven Kuhn and AAC’s Chief of Staff and former Navy SEAL Dan Cerrillo will speak about the stigma of mental health among service members and veterans.

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Addiction Talk Details

  • Interviewer: Joy Sutton
  • Interviewees:
    • Annette Whittenberger: Annette Whittenberger is a retired, disabled Army veteran of 17 years, a military spouse and mother of two. Today, her work consists of coaching others through PTSD, anxiety, depression and helping other men and women who struggle with their mental health. Annette can be found on FacebookInstagram and her personal page.
    • Steven Kuhn: Steven Kuhn is a decorated Army combat veteran and has served one tour of Iraq. He is a speaker, author and consultant who supports individual in personal and professional growth through his H.I.T. (Honesty, Integrity, Transparency) principles. He also co-authored the book “Unleash Your Humble Alpha.” More information about Steven can be found on FacebookInstagram and his personal site.
    • Dan Cerrillo: Dan Cerrillo is a decorated Navy SEAL veteran who currently serves as the chief of staff for American Addiction Centers. He is the recipient of the Bronze Star, Navy Commendation and Navy Achievement Medals, all with combat distinguishing devices, as well as the Purple Heart Medal. In addition to being Chief of Staff, Dan now works full time assisting veterans with addiction and PTSD. He also serves on the board of directors for the Navy SEAL Fund and is an ambassador for the Navy SEAL Foundation.
  • Duration: 46:34
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