Lunchtime Drinking

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Salad, Sandwich or Shots: Which industries drink the most at lunch?

Public Services – 6%

Working in public services – such as the police force, army, paramedics and air force – can be high-paced and extremely stressful, leading to higher alcohol consumption during the day.

Education – 7%

Dealing with children is especially tough and might make you want to sip on a glass of vino in the teacher’s lounge during your lunch break.

Healthcare – 8%

Even though there was a bar right across the street from Seattle Grace in Grey’s Anatomy, it seems this doesn’t translate to real life!

Energy – 10%

Employees in the energy sector need a sound mind to operate equipment. This could be why so few employees drink during their lunch break.

Retail – 11%

Especially during sale season when stores are busy, customers can be incredibly difficult to deal with. It’s no wonder 1 in 10 retail employees drink during their lunch break from work.

Media – 12%

Don Draper in Mad Men never seems to not have a drink in his hand. Is this due to the number of social events in the media & advertising industry?

Hospitality – 12%

Spending long hours on your feet as an employee in this industry is exhausting and alcohol can take the edge off things during a hectic shift. In fact, in his memoir, Anthony Bourdain explains working in a kitchen is an environment which is “drenched in drugs and alcohol”.

IT – 16%

In the IT sector, employees are often dealing essentially with computers instead of humans. While this avoids some frustration, staring at a screen all day can become exhausting and may warrant a midday drink as a pick-me-up.

Finance – 17%

Handling money affairs can be a particularly pressing job – just ask hard drinking Gordon Gekko! This could explain why more than 1 in 10 employees in the financial sector admit to having a drink during lunch.

Engineering – 18%

It will be tricky to operate machinery if you’re tipsy after one too many beers.

Tech – 18%

What with the tech industry rapidly expanding along with the rest of society, it can be a high-paced environment to keep up with. A drink at lunch can help take the edge off for tech employees.

Legal – 20%

Harvey Specter and Mike Ross from Suits seem to have a drink in hand during client meetings and when things get stressful… Does this translate in reality?

Real Estate – 25%

Showhouse days can be time consuming, especially if there are not that many people stopping by to view the property. However, open houses often involve free wine as well…

Tourism – 29%

If you’re leading a group of tourists who enjoy drinking, you might be tempted to join in… Especially if you’re in North Dakota – America’s drunkest state as of 2018.

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