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Financial Cost of Alcohol Use: How Much is Alcohol Use Really Costing You?
Apr 6, 2023

Overt Costs of Alcohol It’s difficult to keep a running total of how much you spend on each alcoholic drink, particularly because prices vary dramatically. After all, the wine you purchase at a local store and consume at home likely has a radically different price tag than the same bottle you purchased at a fine-dining […]

Active Duty & Sobriety
Nov 17, 2022

It’s not always clear as to why some individuals can drink a glass of wine and not be severely impacted, whereas another individual has even one alcoholic beverage that inevitably leads to the next one in one sitting, and then the next one, and so forth. Alcohol use disorder, or alcoholism, is a disease, and […]

Lunchtime Drinking
Aug 16, 2022

Public Services – 6% Working in public services – such as the police force, army, paramedics and air force – can be high-paced and extremely stressful, leading to higher alcohol consumption during the day. Education – 7% Dealing with children is especially tough and might make you want to sip on a glass of vino […]

Do I Have a Drinking Problem?
Apr 14, 2022

Alcohol Awareness Month is observed in the month of April. As its name suggests, it’s meant to raise awareness about alcohol misuse, to end stigma associated with this type of addiction, and to bring understanding about effective treatments. This can be done by getting informed and reaching out to the public to let everyone know […]

The NFL, Stress, and Substance Use
Jun 11, 2021

For some, the initial draw of being a professional athlete may be the fame, fortune, and attention. For others, it may be a life-long dream. Regardless of the motivations to play on that level, the entryway to get there isn’t free. Oftentimes, the sacrifices made can be quite pricey, even when an individual surpasses the […]

Is There a Connection Between Stress and Alcoholism?
Nov 5, 2020

With the election, the pandemic, the protests, the fires, and the hurricanes, there is plenty to be stressed about in 2020. Not to mention the regular obstacles that we face in any given year for just existing as an adult living in this world. Stress is the body’s response to a demand or challenge. In […]

Tommy Lee, Alcoholism, and Rehabilitation
Oct 15, 2020

Oftentimes admitting to something that we aren’t very proud of can be difficult. Not just admitting an unpleasant truth to others, but to ourselves as well. This may often be the case with those battling alcoholism. The truth is, alcoholism, or alcohol use disorder, is a disease. So, as much as it is an obstacle […]

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