Why Seek Addiction Treatment During Thanksgiving?

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Explore five reasons why Thanksgiving may be the perfect time to go to rehab. Then reach out to American Addiction Centers to start your recovery today.

Why is Thanksgiving the perfect time for rehab? For those struggling with addiction, treatment is the best gift you can give yourself, as few things can change your life as much or as quickly as sobriety. And when it comes to treatment, now—regardless of the time of year—is the best time to start.

That’s the short answer. But if you’re not fully convinced, here are several more reasons why turkey time may be ideal occasion to enter treatment.

  1. Holiday support. The holidays aren’t filled with unicorns and rainbows  for everyone. In fact, holidays can be a time of loneliness, despair, regret, and shame, and addiction-related conflict can further strain family relationships. Whether it’s inpatient or outpatient care, detox or telehealth services, treatment can offer the support you need to experience the holidays with hope and positivity.
  2. Gratitude in practice. In active addiction, people tend to blame addictive behaviors on their circumstances. However, a gratitude-based mindset helps people to reframe their situations and to see challenges as opportunities for growth. Point is, the gratitude that surrounds Thanksgiving may serve as the perfect launching pad to begin a life of thankfulness and mindfulness in recovery.
  3. Family peace of mind. The families and friends of those struggling with addiction often spend countless hours worrying about their loved ones’ well-being. When you enter treatment at Thanksgiving, you may provide your family with the peace of mind of simply knowing you’re safe and sound and getting the help you need. That’s something for which everyone can be grateful.
  4. Meaningful connections. Why not start the new year with new, meaningful connections? By connecting with peers and addiction professionals at this time of year, you can set yourself up for success throughout not only the next year but for many years to come.
  5. More holidays to celebrate. Treatment can be the difference between life and death. Particularly given the risk of accidental overdose, not to mention the toll addiction can have on your physical and mental health, treatment may truly save your life. Thus, going to treatment now as opposed to later can give you many more holidays to celebrate in the future.

While attending treatment during Thanksgiving probably sounds like a crappy to way to spend your time, it can actually provide a host of benefits far beyond what you’d get from turkey, stuffing, and green bean casserole. In fact, treatment during Thanksgiving is an opportunity to show the world and yourself that you’re truly grateful. In fact, treatment may be the ultimate way to show gratitude for your  family—and for your life.

If you’re ready to seek treatment today, American Addiction Centers can help. With facilities scattered across the country, AAC offers myriad levels of care to suit your individual needs. Contact one of our admissions navigators at , or verify your insurance benefits and then reach out for more info. Our caring and confidential staff can answer your questions, discuss a host of treatment options, and help you take your first gratitude-filled steps toward recovery today.

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