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Does Baylor Scott & White Health Plan Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?

On this page, you will learn about Baylor Scott & White Health Plan insurance coverage for substance abuse treatment and how to confirm what benefits are available under your specific plan.
Yes. Baylor Scott & White Health Plan covers drug and alcohol rehab.
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Can Baylor Scott & White Health Plan Insurance Cover Rehab?

Baylor Scott & White Health Plan insurance may be able to cover all or part of the cost of rehab. The level of coverage may depend on the details of your insurance plan and the level of care needed.

What Does Scott & White Health Plan Cover?

Scott & White Health Plan coverage for substance abuse services will depend on the plan, but may be able to cover the cost of:4,5

  • Inpatient Rehab
  • Outpatient Rehab
  • Detoxification
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)
  • Medications & MAT
  • Individual & Group Therapy
  • Evaluations & Assessments

Does Scott & White Cover Mental Health & Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment?

Co-occurring disorder treatment such as treatment of depression or anxiety as well as addiction treatment may be covered under mental or behavioral health services. Depending on your level of coverage, mental health treatments may at least be partially covered.5

Plan Types

Baylor Scott & White Health Plan Options

Baylor Scott & White Health offers a variety of healthcare and marketplace insurance plans for employees, individuals, and families including:2

  • Select Exclusive Quality Alliance (SEQA)
  • Exclusive Quality Alliance (EQA)
  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Medicare: SeniorCare Advantage HMO and PPO Plans3
  • Marketplace Plans: Gold, Silver, and Bronze options

Plans differ in the level of coverage, copay costs, and deductible costs.

Provider Overview

What is Baylor Scott & White Health Plan Insurance?

Baylor Scott & White (BSW) Health Plans are administered by the insurance company of Scott & White.1 Operations began in January 1982 as a nonprofit Health Maintenance Organization, and was first called Centroplex Health Plan.1 With the 2019 acquisition of FirstCare Health Plans, Scott & White insurance now covers more than 350,000 members in Central, East, North, and West Texas.1



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