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Rehabs in Massachusetts That Accept United HealthCare Insurance

Yes. United HealthCare covers drug and alcohol rehab.
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Does United HealthCare Cover Rehab in Massachusetts?

United HealthCare (UHC) may be able to cover all or at least part of the cost of drug and alcohol rehab in Massachusetts. This will depend on your specific coverage plan and your chosen provider. UHC may partially cover the cost of inpatient or residential rehab, detoxification, outpatient programs, and medication-assisted treatment.

From May 2020 to May 2021, there were 2,367 reported drug overdose deaths in Massachusetts.1 If you or a family member is battling with a substance use disorder (SUD), a professional addiction treatment program can aid in your journey to sobriety. American Addiction Centers (AAC) has a local rehab facility, AdCare Treatment Hospital in MA, and it is in-network with United HealthCare (UHC) insurance. Check your level of coverage with UHC for rehabilitation in Massachusetts.

Rehabs in Massachusetts that Accept United HealthCare

What Substance Abuse Treatment Does United HealthCare Insurance Cover?

United HealthCare insurance may be able to cover substance use disorder (SUD) treatment in the state of Massachusetts. Depending on your plan, insurance may cover at least part of the cost of:

  • Medical Detox – A professional detoxification program is medically supervised to safely manage withdrawal symptoms while the body rids itself of harmful substances.
  • Residential or Inpatient Treatment – An individual will receive professional care while living full-time at a rehab center. This program is designed for the individual who needs to leave their environment so they can focus solely on their sobriety.
  • Outpatient Program – An outpatient program aims to teach an individual about addiction and how they can control it. This is done through several therapeutic interventions, including group and individual counseling sessions. There are different levels of intensity but each will take into account an individual’s unique needs.
  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) – MAT uses FDA-approved medications, such as suboxone or methadone, and behavioral treatment to help individuals who struggle with alcohol or opioid dependence. The duration of treatment will vary from person to person, but the ultimate goal of MAT is for a person to make a full recovery.

Does Massachusetts UHC Cover Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment?

United HealthCare (UHC) may cover co-occurring disorder treatment in MA, treatment of a mental health disorder as well as addiction under mental or behavioral health services. Depending on your level of coverage, mental health treatments may at least be partially covered.

There are many rehab facilities that offer integrated treatment to address substance use disorder (SUD) and mental illnesses together. AdCare Treatment Hospital in Massachusetts offers co-occurring or dual diagnosis treatment and is in-network with UHC insurance.

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About United HealthCare Insurance

United HealthCare (UHC) is the health benefits business of UnitedHealth Group, which also includes Optum insurance.2 UHC partners with over 1.3 million physicians and 6,500 hospitals nationwide, providing healthcare benefit programs to individuals, families, employers, as well as Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.2



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