August 3, 2021

AAC Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Lawrence Weinstein, was recently interviewed in Bustle about the increasing popularity of “sober lite,” a form of pseudo-sobriety in which followers choose to abstain from alcohol and/or certain substances, while allowing for the usage of others.

This movement has been made popular by pop stars like The Weeknd, who drinks alcohol occasionally and uses marijuana, but they avoid hard drugs. This method, also called ‘Cali Sober,’ gained popularity this past spring when Demi Lovato shared that this is their preferred form of recovery.

“For someone who might use substances on occasion, consciously making the choice to embark on a ‘sober lite’ lifestyle can certainly work for them,” said Dr. Weinstein, but adapting this stance can be detrimental for those who have had substance use issues in the past.

To read the rest of the article on other methods of pseud0-sobriety, visit Bustle.