May 15, 2017

This Mother’s Day, two American Addiction Centers women were highlighted for their amazing stories of motherhood. Nicole Taylor of Sunrise House in New Jersey, and Darlene Rutledge of Solutions Recovery in Las Vegas. Both women have overcome challenges to get to where they are today and AAC is proud to have them as members of the family.

Your Daily Dish shared Taylor’s story in New Jersey Woman Completes Inspiring Journey From Addict to Mother.

It is often said that becoming a parent is the most life-altering experience a person can go through. This is certainly true for New Jersey native Nicole Taylor after her life changed for the better five years ago…Nicole Taylor’s son was born one year after Nicole’s boyfriend overdosed, and close to the anniversary of her own sobriety.

Far From Finished, a weekly podcast about addiction and recovery, shared Rutledge’s story of loss and gain in AAC Mother Gets Second Chance for Happiness with Family.

I’m very excited about Christopher’s future, and I get to be a part of that!” says Darlene. “It’s a blessing, you know? I don’t think that man upstairs, that man that I call God, made a mistake when he sent this boy to me.