August 20, 2019

In honor of International Overdose Awareness Day, observed on August 31, a number of American Addiction Centers‘ treatment facilities throughout the country will host Narcan training events to educate the public on how to administer the opioid overdose-reversal drug. A limited amount of the antidote will be available at each event.

“Last year, fentanyl was responsible for more overdose deaths than cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and prescription opioids,” said Dr. Lawrence Weinstein, chief medical officer for American Addiction Centers. “The presence of fentanyl is increasing in communities around the country. There is no telling when or where Narcan will be needed, so knowing how to administer it benefits everyone.”

While preliminary numbers suggest that the amount of fatal overdoses decreased by 5%, 2018 still saw nearly 70,000 deaths, with an estimated 32,000 being attributed to synthetic opioids. Drugs are being adulterated with fentanyl at an alarming rate and often unknowingly. For example, the DEA noticed a 112% increase in the presence of cocaine/fentanyl combinations.

According to the U.S. Surgeon General, availability and awareness of Narcan, or naloxone, is a key component in the public’s response to the opioid crisis. Research has shown that communities educated on overdoses and naloxone show a decrease in overdose deaths.

Below are the facilities offering Narcan trainings. For more information or to RSVP to an event, please follow the facility’s corresponding link:

“It’s important to remember that we are still very much in the midst of an opioid crisis,” said Dr. Weinstein. “Today, individuals are more likely to use Narcan than they are CPR, and it’s important for citizens to learn how they can play a part in ending the epidemic.”