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Addiction Talk Episode 31: Cara Santana

Air Date: Wednesday, January 25 2023

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Addiction Talk Details

Cara Santana is an actress, activist, designer and digital influencer known for her starring role in the Starz series “Vida” and her upcoming role in the film “Daughter of the Bride” out Feb. 3.

Cara’s experience with addiction took place in her teens, when she left her hometown of El Paso, TX, to pursue a career in acting in Los Angeles. It wasn’t long after her arrival that she encountered cocaine for the first time and it quickly turned into an addiction. At age 18, Cara experienced an overdose, and it was this event that led her to sobriety – a journey that not many people were aware of because she kept it under wraps; Cara’s parents had no knowledge until she informed them years later.

Today, Cara has been sober for 18 years and her career is thriving: she’s currently working on a film about the lives of New Yorkers with addiction and will be appearing in the upcoming comedy, “Daughter of the Bride.” She joins Addiction Talk to discuss her unique path to recovery that began early in her life and career, and the advice she has for others who may be facing a similar situation.

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