Rehab Admission in Florida: Going to Rehab in Florida

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Between 2021 and 2022, about 17.2% of Florida adults aged 18 and older were classified as needing substance use disorder (SUD) treatment. Yet, only roughly 24% of these people received formal treatment.1 Fortunately, many quality treatment  facilities exist in Florida to close this gap.

Keep reading to learn more about drug and alcohol rehabs in Florida, the rehab admissions process, and ways to find treatment near you.

Florida Rehab Admissions Process

Recovery is different for everyone, and what works for one in treatment may not work for another.2 Finding a treatment center that fits your unique situation takes some consideration. Think about your needs and what you hope to achieve through attending treatment.

Facilities may differ, but most have similar steps in admitting clients to rehab. This usually involves:

  • Having an initial conversation with you. The first step in starting treatment is speaking with an admissions navigator. American Addiction Centers (AAC) admissions navigators are available 24/7 to guide you through the process of starting care, answering any questions along the way. During your first conversation, the admissions navigator will verify your insurance and learn more about your situation. These healthcare professionals understand the struggles of addiction and are there to listen to your story and help you find the best treatment that meets your needs.
  • Conducting pre-screening. Pre-screening may happen during your first call or on a subsequent call. This secondary step assesses your situation and helps you understand what to expect when attending treatment. You’ll discuss your mental state, any physical limitations, and medical preconditions. 
  • Customizing a treatment plan. After learning more about your situation, staff will collaborate with you to develop an individualized treatment plan. Addiction specialists prepare this plan to meet your current needs, choosing a suitable level of care. Your plan may include one or more levels of care, such as medically assisted detox, inpatient rehab, or outpatient care.
  • Finalizing your admission details. Staff will schedule your arrival, provide a packing list, and potentially assist you in coordinating travel plans. Some facilities may even provide a sober sponsor upon request to be by your side as you travel to treatment.
  • Arriving at the treatment center. Upon your arrival at the location, compassionate caregivers will conduct an onsite evaluation and assist you in acclimating to your new environment.

What to Expect During Florida Rehab Admissions Process

With AAC, many of our admissions navigators are peers in recovery who can empathize with your unique circumstances while offering support and encouragement. Your initial conversation will typically cover basic information like your contact and insurance information, so be sure to have your health insurance card on hand when calling.

The admissions navigator will guide you through the admissions process, and you’ll likely discuss your mental state, physical limitations, and any preexisting medical conditions you may have during the prescreening. To prepare for this discussion, think about your current challenges and treatment goals. Explaining this to the admissions navigator will help them better understand your situation and match you with appropriate drug rehabs.

When you decide to enter treatment, you may receive a scheduled admission or be admitted the same day. Prepare for rehab by getting your home and work responsibilities in order, for example, managing finances, understanding your travel itinerary, and addressing other details.

Assistance with Traveling to Our Florida Rehab Programs

If you decide to travel for care, your admissions navigator may help coordinate this process. Admissions navigators at AAC can even arrange for a sober sponsor to travel with you to treatment. This sober escort offers continuous monitoring and supervision to reduce the worry and anxiety that often come with travel.

Having a knowledgeable sober sponsor at your side can ease the fears of starting your recovery journey. Most sober sponsors have experienced addiction, so they understand how overwhelming starting treatment can be. Sober sponsors are there to ensure a successful trip and offer support and encouragement as you begin your journey to recovery.

Finding Rehab in Florida

man at computer listening to podcasts about addictionFlorida is one of the top 10 U.S. states for the number of addiction treatment centers and number of patients in treatment.3 There are currently 576 addiction treatment centers in Florida.4 

AAC provides access to top-tier treatment facilities nationwide, including in the Sunshine State. Our Florida facilities, River Oaks Treatment Center and Recovery First Treatment Center offer exceptional evidence-based care.

Levels of care at these facilities include: 

Both River Oaks and Recovery First also offer ongoing care and specialized programs for Veterans and healthcare professionals.

Contact AAC at to speak with an admissions navigator and learn more about the alcohol and drug rehab admissions process, how to refer a loved one, and potential treatment options.

You can also use the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration’s (SAMHSA) treatment locator to find treatment centers near you.

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