Pros and Cons of Living With Your Parents After Rehab

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Making it through rehab is an amazing accomplishment. However, the process can leave you without a job or money to support yourself when you get out. Because of that, you may need to move back in with your parents when your treatment is complete. However, living with your parents after rehab has its pros and cons. On one hand, they can be really helpful in keeping you on track if they’re supportive and understanding of your recovery. That said, they can also be toxic if they don’t understand and don’t help. By analyzing the ups and downs of living with parents after rehab, you’ll be able to better prepare yourself for the challenges ahead.woman living with her parents after rehab

Pros of Living with Parents After Rehab

When you first come out of rehab, the world might seem a bit frightening. You might be fearful of slipping into old habits or meeting up with friends who are bad influences. Having your parents around can be a great way to help you transition back to normal life if they’re supportive and loving as you continue making mental, physical, and emotional changes to improve your well-being.

They can also help you establish a routine by assisting you with cooking, cleaning, and other daily tasks. You may have lost track of these routine habits while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, so establishing this kind of responsibility is key to living normally again.

Finally, living with your parents after rehab can help you get back on track financially. Rehab can be very expensive. If you used your last savings to pay for your treatment, you might need some time before you have enough money to live on your own again.

Cons of Living with Parents After Rehab

Living with your parents after rehab does have a few drawbacks. The most important one to consider is that they might not be supportive or understanding of your situation. This is especially possible if you mistreated or lied to them while suffering with substance abuse. They may find it hard to trust you again. Instead of extending a loving hand, they may be strict and cold.

This may mean they set boundaries or rules that restrict your freedom. This can be a good thing if your parents are doing so in coordination with your substance abuse treatment plan and mental health team. If they aren’t, it might start interfering with your recovery.

Additionally, if your drug or alcohol use started in your childhood home, you may find you have triggers associated with living there. This may fuel your desire to use, leading you to relapse.argument after living with your parents after rehab

Tips for Making it Work

There are several things you can do when moving back in with your parents after rehab to make the situation easier. First, sit down and have an honest conversation about your mental and emotional state. Apologize to them if necessary, and let them air any grievances they may have. You want your relationship to be as healthy as possible so they can help you through this difficult time.

Second, ask them to help you eliminate as many triggers as possible. This may mean clearing out the bar, locking up the medicine cabinet, or even removing décor or other knick-knacks that remind you of using. If your substance abuse started in this home, it may be difficult to completely remove all the triggers. Limiting them as much as possible can go a long way in helping you stay clean.

Third, you may negotiate ways to have more freedom as you take on more responsibility. Chances are your parents will be hovering at first; they are trying their best to prevent you from relapsing. Keep in mind they are only doing this because they care. Set up a system that allows you to earn back some privileges every time you complete a chore or make it through a rough patch.

Living with your parents after rehab will be tough, but with hard work and understanding on both sides, you can use this opportunity to get better.

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