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Pros and Cons of Living With Your Parents After Rehab
Feb 18, 2021

Making it through rehab is an amazing accomplishment. However, the process can leave you without a job or money to support yourself when you get out. Because of that, you may need to move back in with your parents when your treatment is complete. However, living with your parents after rehab has its pros and […]

Help for Parents Who Are Enabling Addiction (Tough Love vs Enabling)
Apr 26, 2019

What is Enabling? The Definition Enabling means the family or friends of an addicted person help that person continue their addiction, often by not allowing that person to experience the consequences of their addiction. Enabling can be spending money on a person with an addiction or buying them things that allow them to spend more […]

Guide to Identifying Drugs
Aug 2, 2018

Drugs, both legal and illegal, come in a dizzying array of shapes and colors. The end product, whether pills or powder, liquid or plant, speaks to the chemical processes that make the substances look the way they do. This guide to identifying drugs will answer questions of why some drugs look the way they do, […]

Teenage Addiction Guide for Parents of Addicts: Part I
Mar 24, 2017

Whether you are a biological parent or guardian of a child, you have probably gone to great lengths to protect that young person from illness and injury. Yet having a child succumb to the disease of addiction can still come as a shock, leaving families unprepared for the consequences. Parents often find that they blame […]

Help & Support Guide for Parents of Addicts Part II: Intervening
Mar 24, 2017

Intervening in a Child’s Substance Abuse When it comes to underage drinking or drug abuse, parents must be prepared to clarify expectations and set boundaries for their children. But it’s not always easy to supervise a child’s daily activities or to communicate with teens who have already become involved with alcohol or drugs. In order […]

Children of Addicted Parents Guide: How to Deal With Addict Parents
Mar 24, 2017

Impact of Addiction in Parents Regardless of our age, we are always deeply influenced by the people who raise us. These influences include not only the genes inherited from biological parents, but also the behaviors, habits, values, and communication styles that we learn from our adult caregivers. This same pattern applies to the way we […]

When a Parent is in a Drug Rehab Center
May 3, 2016

Addiction & Parents Addiction is a mental illness that can cause a lot of chaos and conflict in the home. At the point of addiction, the substance of choice may seem to change the afflicted individual and cause them to disrupt the peace of the home and drop the ball on personal responsibilities, up to […]

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