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Amerigroup Insurance Coverage for Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment

Yes, Amerigroup insurance can cover drug or alcohol rehab. On this page, you will learn about Amerigroup health insurance coverage for substance abuse treatment and how to confirm what benefits are available under your specific plan.
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Does Amerigroup Insurance Cover Drug or Alcohol Rehab?

Amerigroup insurance provides coverage for mental health conditions and the treatment of substance use disorders.1 American Addiction Centers is in-network with Amerigroup at many of our treatment centers, offering those struggling with addiction an opportunity to decrease barriers to treatment). Insurance coverage for drug or alcohol rehab treatment is dependent on the type of plan you have and which state you live in.

How to Check Amerigroup Rehab Coverage

At American Addiction Centers (AAC), we offer treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring health issues. To learn more about AAC’s treatment options give us a call at , or you can verify your Amerigroup health insurance by filling out the form below.

American Addiction Centers strives to provide you with the most updated information on each carriers’ addiction insurance coverage but policy changes and errors do occur. Please check with your insurance carrier directly to confirm coverage levels.

How to Check Your Amerigroup Coverage and Benefits

Holders of Amerigroup Health Insurance can easily access their coverage details through Amerigroup’s member website.6 Members can also find a care provider in Amerigroup’s network online. Amerigroup coverage will vary from state to state, and according to the specific plan the policyholder is enrolled in. Your state may offer specific benefits for nurses, federal workers, retirees, or veterans, but you will need to check this on the member website.

Does Amerigroup Cover Addiction Treatment?

Doctor review insurance from for Amerigroup coverage for addiction treatment

Amerigroup plans generally cover treatment, at least partially, for substance abuse and addiction. In some, if not all, states, members may self-refer for substance abuse treatment (meaning you can contact the treatment facility without precertification), as long as you are seeking treatment from a provider in the Amerigroup network. However, in certain cases, such as if you require an inpatient stay, you may need precertification from your primary care provider, but you will need to check the specific requirements in your state.6

Amerigroup Substance Abuse Coverage

Amerigroup may cover a variety of levels of care for addiction and mental health treatment. Some of the services typically covered by Amerigroup Health Insurance include:

  • Inpatient Detoxification, which is a treatment intervention to help you safely detox from your drug(s) of choice.
  • Inpatient care, which is usually advised for people who have serious or long-standing addictions. This type of treatment consists of staying overnight and living full-time at your treatment center for anywhere from days to months.
  • Chemical dependency counseling. This form of treatment involves counseling designed to learn the underlying causes of addiction and overcome those issues. Generally, this takes place in a one-on-one setting; however, group therapy may be part of the treatment process in many cases. Counseling helps to reveal the reasons and triggers that contribute to substance abuse and learn how to manage those in the future to prevent a return to damaging behavior.
  • Outpatient detox. In some instances, outpatient detox may be appropriate. This involves detoxing while taking part in outpatient therapy options, and it is only appropriate for less severe addiction cases. If a person is addicted to alcohol, benzodiazepines, or opioids, outpatient detox is not an option; for these addictions, medical detox is necessary to ensure the safety and comfort of clients.
  • Outpatient care, which is a flexible treatment intervention consisting of programming at a treatment center on an outpatient basis for at least 3 hours a week to 30 hours a week.
  • Medication-assisted treatment. As stated above, addictions to opioids, alcohol, and benzodiazepines often require a more complex withdrawal process that should only be done under direct medical supervision. Medications are often used during the detox process, and this is referred to as medication-assisted treatment. Amerigroup plans may cover medication-assisted treatment when deemed medically necessary.

Amerigroup’s team of expert physical and behavioral clinicians coordinate services and have crisis management services in‐house and a Nurse Help Line for non‐emergency questions.5 For information and education about medical conditions, healthcare, and prevention you can contact the Nurse Help Line.7

For more information on Amerigroup insurance coverage and plans, refer to your state’s coverage page.6 You can also call the number on the back of your insurance card directly for information on your specific plan if you aren’t able to locate that information online.

Suboxone Doctors that take Amerigroup

Suboxone is a medication that is commonly used to treat opioid addiction. The drug is typically covered by insurance companies such as Amerigroup as part of medication-assisted treatment, though costs will vary depending on the plan. As with all substance use treatment services, pre-authorization may be required

One point to consider before taking this treatment route is that suboxone is sometimes used as a long-term treatment, and certain Amerigroup plans may limit on the amount of medications they will cover. With many Amerigroup health plans, you will have to make a co-payment each time the prescription is filled. Without insurance, generic suboxone may cost between $60 and $200 for a 1-month supply.8

Plan Types

Amerigroup Coverage Levels and Coverage Plans (Health Fund)

Amerigroup offers the following coverage plans:3

  • Medicare-Medicaid: These plans are available for eligible adults over 21 years of age.
  • Low-cost Medicaid: These are affordable healthcare plans for children, adults, and families with low incomes.
  • Medicare Advantage: These plans are designed for those over 65; they offer lower copays, pharmacy and medical coverage, advice from nurses, and many other important health benefits.
  • Medicare supplement insurance: This is supplemental insurance to help cover costs not covered by standard Medicare.
  • Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan: This plan provides added prescription coverage to cover medications not included under standard Medicare or Medicare Supplement plans.

To verify the specific coverage offered in your state, check coverage by state you currently live in.4 As each Amerigroup plan is unique to the state it serves, plan coverage can vary by state. If you are seeking addiction treatment outside of your home state or the state you are currently covered in, you may be covered, but it’s important to first verify your healthcare benefits with Amerigroup.5

Amerigroup Eligibility

Amerigroup Eligibility

To meet the eligibility requirements for Amerigroup Health Insurance, a health insurance program offered to people who receive Medicaid benefits, you must meet a variety of health, age, income, and lifestyle requirements.9,10 Medicaid covers expenses like doctors appointments, diagnostic testing (such as x-rays), and more.9,10 Coverage for Medicaid may vary depending on your state. Medication prescriptions, vision appointments, and dental appointments may or may not be covered. To enroll in a Amerigroup Health Insurance plan, you simply need to apply with Amerigroup on their website.

You may be eligible for Amerigroup Health Insurance if you belong to one or more of the following groups:9,10

  • Adults ages 19–64.
  • Children under the age of 19.
  • Pregnant people.
  • Families with children.
  • Seniors or individuals who are aged, blind or disabled.
  • Native Americans and Alaska Natives.
Provider Overview

About Amerigroup

Amerigroup is one of the nation’s leading healthcare plans, serving approximately 6.4 million members in state-sponsored plans across the U.S. in 12 states including Arizona, Washington D.C., Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington.

Amerigroup, part of the Anthem Inc. Government Business Division (GBD), provides coverage for seniors, people with disabilities, low-income families, and others, which makes them one of the nation’s leading providers of healthcare solutions for public programs.2 With over two decades of experience in the healthcare industry, Amerigroup is dedicated to its partnership with state agencies, providers, and the community and focuses on developing and offering innovative programs and services.

Amerigroup plans offer different healthcare and medical insurance coverage that varies by state. Healthcare benefits cover addiction treatment, but your specific insurance coverage can vary by state and plan. Call the number on your insurance card to verify your benefits.



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