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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee is In-Network with AAC

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Tennessee Insurance for Rehab

Yes. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee covers drug and alcohol rehab.
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Do Rehabs in Tennessee Accept Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)?

If you have a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee insurance plan, it should cover at least part of substance use disorder treatment.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires all long-term health insurance plans to cover 10 essential benefits, and mental health and substance use disorder treatment are among them.1 That means your Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee coverage will likely help pay at least part of the cost of rehab.

Keep in mind that the coverage details will vary depending on your specific plan, and some providers may not accept BCBS of Tennessee. So be sure to verify your insurance coverage and whether the facility accepts BCBS of Tennessee insurance before you commit to a treatment program.

American Addiction Centers offers a host of treatment facilities nationwide, many of which are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield. Admissions navigators at can verify your benefits for use at one of its facilities, or you can verify your benefits online

What Addiction Treatment Does Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee Cover?

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover inpatient rehab? What’s the best insurance for rehab? Can you find an alcohol rehab in Tennessee that will accept your insurance?

You’re likely asking yourself these questions and countless more as you begin to explore treatment options.

Most insurance companies focus on paying for medically necessary rehab, so it’s important to talk to your doctor or addiction specialist about your needs and to develop a treatment plan to meet them. That way, you’ll know what to expect and will have a better idea of what your insurance plan might cover.

Each treatment plan is unique, but the available levels of care include:2

  • Detox. Available via inpatient or outpatient settings depending on various substance-use and personal-health factors, medically managed detox ensures patients are as safe and as comfortable as possible during withdrawal
  • Inpatient rehab. Inpatient or residential rehab allows you to fully focus on your recovery without distractions while you live at the treatment facility 24/7. Days are highly structured and filled with education, emotional and physical support, various behavioral and cognitive therapies, and group, family, and individual counseling. 
  • Outpatient rehab. Outpatient care allows you to live at home or in a sober living facility during treatment. This permits some individuals to work, attend school, and maintain additional responsibilities while receiving care. Outpatient programs vary in intensity, from traditional outpatient programs to partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) (aka day treatment or high intensity outpatient programs) and intensive outpatient programs (IOPs). Note that some programs offer outpatient and aftercare services via telehealth platforms. 
  • Aftercare. Following more formalized inpatient or outpatient care, aftercare support helps you maintain sobriety for the long haul. Aftercare may include recovery support groups, ongoing counseling, and assistance with housing and employment.

For some substance use disorders, various medications can be employed to ease withdrawal symptoms and manage cravings during treatment—and in some cases, to offer long-term treatment for some types of substance use disorders.3

The exact coverage you’ll receive through insurance depends on the details of your plan. Contact your treatment center of choice to find out if it accepts your BCBS insurance and what out-of-pocket costs you might incur.

If you’re having trouble finding a Tennessee rehab that accepts BCBS, American Addiction Centers can help. While AAC has several facilities throughout the country, its Oxford Treatment Center in Etta, MS, is just 50 miles from the Tennessee border. Plus, Oxford is in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, among other providers. Admissions navigators at can verify your insurance and answer your questions about treatment, levels of care, and more. And if you don’t feel like talking right now, you can also sign up for text communications

Does BCBS of Tennessee Cover Mental Health and Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment?

It’s not unusual for someone struggling with substance use to also have a mental health diagnosis. This phenomenon is called a co-occurring disorder, and it’s essential to treat both conditions together using an integrated approach.4

The Affordable Care Act includes both mental health and substance use disorder treatment in the list of required benefits.1 So your BCBS of Tennessee insurance plan should pay at least some of the cost of integrated treatment. Of course, every situation and insurance plan is different, so always verify your coverage before you commit to a program.

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About Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee serves 3.4 million people and has 6,600 employees. The company also works with more than 56,000 providers to help ensure that members have a broad range of health options and can find the care they need affordably.5

BCBS of Tennessee may also be accepted outside of Tennessee by facilities such as AAC’s Oxford Treatment Center in Etta, MS. Situated on 110 acres of wooded, rolling hills, Oxford Treatment Center offers medical detox, inpatient care, IOP, PHP, and outpatient programs. Plus, it provides treatment for co-occurring disorders, accepts couples, offers a special program for Veterans, and is LGBTQ+ friendly. 

Reach out now to take your first steps toward recovery today!

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