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American Addiction Centers Shares 2023 Patient Insights

Admission data across all AAC facilities in 2023 shows rehab patients struggle with mental health, polysubstance use.
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American Addiction Centers: Our Patients

American Addiction Centers (AAC) is the largest network of rehab facilities nationwide, with programs in California, Florida, Texas, Nevada, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. While not representative of the population as a whole, the data gathered from our admission intake assessments is an interesting window into the struggles of those who seek out rehab treatment for substance use disorders.
This data has been stripped of any identifying factors and was gathered in the strictest adherence to HIPAA protocols.

Patient Demographics Year-Over-Year Comparison

From 2022 to 2023, AAC’s patient demographics remained quite similar. Our patient population majority is men in their 30s. We saw a very slight uptick in female patients in 2023 and documented patients across all age brackets, showing that it’s never too late to give yourself the gift of sobriety. The percentage breakdown is below; please note that AAC does not accept patients under the age of 18.

2022 Admissions

Male: 68.80%  Female: 31.20%
Age Breakdown:
18–29: 21.31%
30–39: 29.27%
40–49: 23.25%
50–59: 15.67%
60+: 10.51%

2023 Admissions

Male: 67.96% Female: 32.04%
Age Breakdown: 
18–29: 20.8%
30–39: 31.69%
40–49: 24.86%
50–59: 15.61%
60+: 7.04%


In 2023:

  • 273 Veterans treated
  • 238 First Responders treated
  • 16.44% of patients listed fentanyl as their substance of use
  • 0.39% of patients openly identified as transgender

Increase in Co-Occurring Mental Health Conditions & Polysubstance Use

In 2023, AAC saw a statistically significant increase in the number of patients admitted with co-occuring mental health conditions, as well as the number of patients listing more than 1 substance of use on their intake forms. This tells us that the reality of substance use disorders is complicated and intertwined with a number of complicating factors that are unique to each patient’s journey. Our facility staff continually strive to improve our programs to comprehensively address these needs and treat the whole person.

Number of patients admitted with co-occurring mental health conditions:

→ 2022: 70.51% of admissions
↑ 2023: 75.90% of admissions

Number of patients admitted with more than 1 substance listed on intake assessment:

→ 2022: 35.66% of admissions
↑ 2023: 38.01% of admissions

Top 5 Most Frequently Treated Mental Health Conditions

1. Anxiety
2. Depression
3. Trauma/PTSD
5. Bipolar Disorder

About American Addiction Centers

American Addiction Centers was founded in 2007. Since that time, we have grown into the largest network of rehab facilities nationwide, with programs in California, Florida, Texas, Nevada, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. We use research-based treatments to help clients with drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and mental and behavioral health issues. Our mission is to provide quality, compassionate, and innovative care to adults struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Through comprehensive and customized treatment plans, we instill hope that long-term recovery is possible. Our purpose and passion is to empower you, your family, and your community by helping you achieve recovery and optimal wellness of the mind, body, and spirit.

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