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Simone Biles, Mental Health, and Success

Americans seem to be born with the natural ability to dream while we’re awake. We’re bred that way. Driven by the chance […]

Three Activities to Help with Drug Recovery
March 12, 2014

Recovery is a lifelong process, and it begins once you leave addiction treatment. However, it can be daunting, standing on the steps […]

Celebs Discuss Addiction Struggles and Recovery
March 11, 2014

While it is of course in the best interest of drug addicts to get inpatient substance abuse treatment from rehab centers before […]

Russell Brand tells Oprah ‘Stay vigilant if you’re in recovery’
March 10, 2014

The sudden passing of acclaimed actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman reignited the national discussion over drugs and those who struggle with addiction. Experts […]

Addiction Is No Joke
March 7, 2014

One of the main reasons why people who need help for drug and alcohol addiction do not go to rehab centers or […]

Jamie Lee Curtis urges changing the way we think about addiction
February 28, 2014

Low self-esteem is a common hurdle that many addicts face before choosing drug rehab.The downward spiral of substance abuse can lead users […]

Author and activist calls for people to learn from addicts
February 27, 2014

Many individuals avoid getting treatment for their alcohol addiction or drug problem because they are afraid of the social stigma that can […]

For Many Teens, Addiction Starts In the Medicine Cabinet
February 26, 2014

It’s been reported that 24% of high school students, or more than 5 million teens, have abused prescription drugs. This is a […]

How does Crystal Meth effect the body?
February 26, 2014

Crystal meth is a highly dangerous white crystalline or “rock-like” drug in the methamphetamine family of drugs. Other street names include tina, […]

How to Support an Addicted Partner Without Enabling
February 25, 2014

There are as many as 12.5 million spouses suffering from addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction can destroy any relationship, let alone a […]

5 Ways to Lower Stress Levels
February 25, 2014

High levels of stress can make the brain and body work overdrive. When this happens, we experience a “flight or fight” response […]

Drug or Alcohol Relapse Is NOT the End of the World
February 25, 2014

Lapses and relapses are extremely common and normal steps in recovery. Statistics show more than 90% of those trying to remain sober […]

5 Tips for Talking to Teens About Drugs and Alcohol
February 25, 2014

Some parents feel uncomfortable when it comes to discussing more sensitive subjects with their teens. As intimidating as it may be, the […]

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