Drug Recovery – Aftercare

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Drug Recovery is a Lifelong Commitment

Once discharged readjusting to everyday life can be difficult and stressful. Because it’s common to relapse back into old patterns within the first few months post-treatment, a continuing aftercare plan is crucial to the overall drug recovery process.

What is Aftercare?

Aftercare, also known as continuing care, is a stage that occurs after completion of a treatment program. During this stage clients no longer require the level of services provided during treatment and are generally able to function in the “real world” with a strong aftercare/discharge plan, community engagement and limited interaction with professionals.

Discharge Plans

Soon after admission, the primary therapist and treatment team collaboratively work with clients to begin development of strong, customized discharge plans to help maintain sobriety. These plans are continually refined and tailored, as appropriate, with treatment progression. Upon discharge, clients are armed with the contacts and resources needed to continue along the road to drug recovery.


At AAC, our commitment to our clients does not end at discharge. Essential to the aftercare process, clients are encouraged to participate in our alumni program to remain connected and receive ongoing support for continued drug recovery.

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Our Alumni Program

Clients are encouraged to participate in our alumni program to remain connected and receive ongoing support for continued drug recovery.
Addiction Recovery Alumni

Alumni Program Includes:

  • Regional and National Events
  • Continued Contact and Support from our Alumni Concierge
  • Exclusive Online Content

Aftercare FAQs

I’m concerned about drug/alcohol relapse in the days soon after I leave treatment, can you do anything to help?

Not only will we work with you during treatment to address your particular concerns, relapse prevention needs and maintenance techniques, we will also do our best to help you strengthen your aftercare/discharge plan so you are as ready as possible for the next step in your addiction recovery. Often, as part of the discharge plan, our clinicians will even work with you to develop daily schedules that act as detailed outlines to guide you through the next several days post-treatment. Furthermore, we will help you schedule any appropriate appointments and identify several key contacts to help you maintain your sobriety. Moreover, upon graduation we will provide you with a 24/7 alumni concierge line and follow-up with you to check in and act as additional form of support.

How often do you follow-up with clients post-treatment?

Research indicates that post-treatment relapse rates are highest in the first three months after discharge. Therefore, our alumni staff will contact you (with your permission) a number of times during this period. Assuming you have provided us your most recent contact information (phone number(s) and email address), we will reach out to you within 1 day of your discharge, two weeks post discharge, 30 days post discharge, 60 days post discharge, 90 days post discharge, 180 days post discharge and 365 days post discharge.

Once I’m discharged do you pay for my travel back home or to sober living?

No. Clients are responsible for all travel costs upon discharge.

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