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4 Benefits of Cooking in Recovery
Jun 29, 2021

For people in early addiction recovery, finding new and interesting activities to engage in that do not involve alcohol and drugs can be a challenge. But incorporating one or more sober hobbies into your new lifestyle can help strengthen your recovery and improve your overall quality of life. Honing your cooking skills is an excellent […]

Why Journaling is a Powerful Recovery Tool
May 12, 2021

Of the many helpful tools you can use to aid you in your recovery, keeping a journal is among the easiest and most powerful. It’s easy in the sense that you can do it pretty much anywhere, at any time. All you need to start journaling in recovery is a piece of paper and a […]

Why Acceptance is an Essential Part of Recovery
Mar 23, 2021

Acceptance is often times an essential part of recovery. When one is new to sobriety, it can be difficult to accept the new version of themselves. Learning how to see your circumstances clearly and live life on life’s terms can open the door to a whole new level of emotional sobriety. Below are just some […]

4 Addiction Support Group Options
Mar 16, 2021

Many people who misuse alcohol and drugs rely on support groups to help them stay sober. In addition to promoting accountability, these meetings provide people in recovery with a safe space to talk about their experiences, receive and provide encouragement, and share coping skills and other helpful advice. Addiction support groups can also be a […]

7 Tips for Navigating Parties When Your Partner Is Sober
Feb 26, 2021

Whether it’s a workplace party or a backyard picnic with family and friends, where people gather, you often find alcohol. While the average person may not notice the prevalence of alcohol at social gatherings, those in recovery, and those who love them, must recognize and prepare for the risks involved. Many people assume that if […]

3 Tips for Returning to Work After Rehab
Feb 25, 2021

Completing an addiction treatment program is a great accomplishment and something that you can feel proud of. At the same time, you are probably a bit apprehensive thinking about returning to work, especially if you’re coming back to the same job. You may have many concerns about what to expect. Or you may be worried […]

4 Simple Tips to Help You Get Through Cravings
Feb 22, 2021

Cravings are a normal part of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, especially when you’re newly sober. Sometimes, the urge to use can come on so suddenly and intensely that it feels impossible to resist. However, it’s critical to remember that you do have the ability to get through cravings, and—most importantly—they will not last […]

What to Say When a Loved One Comes Home from Rehab
Jan 22, 2021

If you have a loved one preparing to come home from rehab, you may be filled with mixed emotions. Completing rehab is a monumental step, and while you are likely excited and proud of your loved one, you may also be worried about them leaving the safe environment of a rehab facility. You could also […]

What Happens After Rehab?
Jan 20, 2021

It’s over. You made it through detox or a full treatment program for addiction. And you attained your overarching goal! You’re walking through the exit of the facility to re-enter the world at large. Moving from the confines of a protected space can be daunting for a newly sober person. Gone is the intensive structure […]

Tips to Overcome Addiction During COVID-19
Oct 7, 2020

These are difficult and unprecedented times. The added stress of a global pandemic, subsequent financial strains, and the fact that there are so few outside distractions available compounds the difficulty of staying in recovery. Here are a few suggestions on how to maintain sobriety during the COVID-19 outbreak. Managing Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic […]

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