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Glendale has a population of over 200,000 people and is the 4th largest city in Los Angeles County.1,2

People who need drug and alcohol rehab treatment in this area can use this article to learn about their options and available resources.

Where Can You Find Addiction Treatment near Glendale, CA?

If you need help quitting drugs or alcohol, know that it’s highly likely that you can find a Glendale rehab facility that meets your needs. There are 460 substance misuse facilities within 25 miles of Glendale, CA.3

Laguna Treatment Center, which is managed by American Addiction Centers (AAC), provides excellent care just over an hour-drive from Glendale. This facility offers a range of treatment options, including hospital-based medical detox, inpatient rehab, co-occurring disorder treatment, and special treatment programs for Veterans and first responders.

Types of Substance Use Treatment Centers in Glendale, CA

Some of the types of substance use treatment programs that are available in the area may include:

  • Medical detox: A medical detox program can help someone safely overcome acute withdrawal from substances under supervision. Medically managed detox typically consists of three components: Evaluation, stabilization, and preparing the patient for entry into continued treatment. Detox is a valuable first step for many people getting sober; however, most need additional treatment to remain in long-term recovery.4
  • Inpatient/residential treatment: In residential programs, patients live at the facility and benefit from 24/7 professional monitoring and support. Inpatient treatment largely consists of behavioral therapy, peer support, and psychoeducation.5
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP): Partial hospital programs are the most intensive level of outpatient treatment. These are individualized programs for substance use disorder where patients live at home but attend around 20 hours of treatment throughout the week.6
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP): An IOP also allows patients to live at home, but affords a higher degree of flexibility than PHPs, requiring patients to attend a minimum of 9 hours of treatment per week.7
  • Standard outpatient program: Standard outpatient treatment is the least intensive treatment level, affording the most flexibility. These programs often work well for people with stable living situations who may have other time constraints like a full-time job.5

Addiction staff at a rehabilitation center in or near Glendale, CA can evaluate your situation and recommend a treatment program that is tailored to meet your or your loved one’s needs.

What Addictions Are Commonly Treated in Glendale and Surrounding Areas?

There are many different addictive substances to which a person may become addicted. Some of the common substance use disorders that someone in the Glendale area may be treated for include the following:8

When participating in Glendale detox and rehab, you may be treated with behavioral therapy, substance use disorder medications, peer support, and treatment for co-occurring disorders.5

How to Find a Glendale Rehab Facility?

Finding a rehab center in Glendale, CA, is simple with the right guidance. AAC has top-quality rehab centers throughout the United States, including a facility just outside of Glendale: Laguna Treatment Center in Aliso Viejo, CA. You can contact an admissions navigator at to begin your journey to sobriety near Glendale, CA. The admissions navigator will check your location and find an appropriate rehab center nearby.

You can also use SAMHSA’s treatment locator tool to locate drug rehabs in the area and sort them based on distance, type of treatment, whether they accept Medicaid, and more.

How Much Does Addiction Treatment Services Cost for Glendale Residents?

The cost of an addiction treatment program varies depending on different factors, such as:

  • Each facility may accept different insurance policies. Treatment centers that are within your insurance network contract directly with the insurance provider, resulting in lower out-of-pocket costs.
  • The level of care provided (i.e., inpatient vs. outpatient)
  • Whether it is a private vs. a government-run facility. Treatment programs operated by the state or federal government tend to cost less; however, there is often a long waiting list and they may not be able to provide the degree of comfort afforded by a private facility.
  • The various amenities provided.

Does Insurance Pay for Rehab in Glendale?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates that almost all insurers cover substance use treatment.9 Additionally, the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) requires private insurance plans to cover addiction treatment to the same extent they cover other benefits.10

If you don’t have private insurance, you may be eligible for Medicaid or Medicare. Both entities cover addiction treatment.

How to Pay for Glendale Detox and Recovery Services

There are several rehab payment options that can make treatment more affordable. These may include:

  • Private health insurance. Patients may owe a deductible, co-payments, or a co-insurance rate. The insurer will cover the majority of the cost.
  • Financing with the rehab facility. Many treatment centers offer payment plans to split payments into smaller amounts. Some even charge based on a sliding scale, meaning people in extreme financial hardship may owe less.
  • Credit cards.
  • Support from friends and family.

Contact AAC to find out details about your insurance coverage for rehab, and begin your journey to recovery today.

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