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How to Find the Courage to Take the First Step Towards Recovery

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Deciding to seek treatment for addiction takes courage. It is a personal choice that can be difficult to make. Often, you’re sitting at rock bottom before the idea of getting treatment even crosses your mind. 

Suddenly, you’re thrust into a world of having to decide what the best way to seek help looks like for you. Where are you going to find success in recovery? Who is going to support you along the way? Are you strong enough to make it through? 

If you’re wondering; you are strong enough. The process is long and difficult, but each day you take a step towards recovery is progress towards a healthier life. Below are some of the things that can help you take those first steps towards addiction recovery. 

The Addiction Recovery Toolbox

Support Groups

It’s important to connect with others during your recovery process. It might even be a good idea to touch base with a local support group before entering treatment. It can be inspiring to see other people’s success, and it can help you imagine what life will be like on the other side of addiction. 

One common step in recovery is cutting off relationships that hinder your progress. Support groups potentially ease the pain of exiting your former life and saying goodbye to the people who enabled your addiction. 

Friends & Family

Reach out to friends and family members you trust. It helps to know that someone out there believes in your journey toward recovery even when you’re struggling. A network of loved ones and peers can be invaluable to treatment and keep you motivated.

Research, Research, Research

That early stage of recovery can feel overwhelming. One way to overcome that is to empower yourself with knowledge and answer some fundamental questions.

For instance, what type of recovery do you need, outpatient or inpatient? Outpatient treatment entails regular sessions with a counselor and group sessions while living at home. Inpatient treatment is a residential recovery program. 

How much time do you have to complete a program? Do you want to join a faith-based 12 step program like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous? What kind of measures will you take to ensure that you stick to sober living? Finding the courage to take the first steps towards addiction recovery

Seek Professional Advice 

When in doubt, reach out for help. It may benefit you to sit down with an addiction counselor for a consultation. A professional may have an idea about next steps and be able to suggest the best recovery plan for you.


You may think you’re alone, but there are resources out there to help you embrace recovery whole-heartedly and tap into that courage you need to continue. If you’re brave enough to acknowledge the need for recovery, you’re brave enough to take the next few steps towards it. 

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