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5 Christmas Gifts for Those New to Recovery
Recovery is a process through which individuals live self-directed lives, work towards reaching their full potential, and improve their health and well-being. Here are 5 of the best Christmas gifts for someone new to recovery.
The Threat of Relapse, Lockdown, and Isolation
Relapsing is challenging enough for anyone, but it’s especially critical during the pandemic or in lockdown. With shelter-at-home orders in place, individuals recovering from substance use may face relapse issues. Boredom and self-isolation may trigger a relapse into drug or alcohol use.
Biden, Criminal Justice Reform, and Substance Abuse
Substance abuse happens when an individual uses drugs or alcohol to the point where it leads to medical issues. Biden has a history of being tough on the “War on Drugs” over the years, but has since revised his approach based on a greater understanding of the disease of addiction.
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