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Grandparents Are the New Parents: Opioid and Pandemic Perils
While the opioid epidemic continues to rage on, the children of opioid addicts may be left on their own. The situation is now that grandparents raising the children of opioid addicts are facing a new reality and new challenges.
How to Grieve After Losing a Loved One to Overdose
An overdose is when an individual takes more than the recommended amount of something, usually a drug. Doing so can result in harmful symptoms or even death. There are several common emotions for those who have lost a loved one to an overdose.
As COVID-19 Numbers Mount, Opioid Abuse Does Too
the coronavirus and opioid abuse are striking in tandem. As lockdown continues and coronavirus and covid-19 cases rise, so too do the number of opioid overdoses directly related to the pandemic.
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