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Razors in Halloween Candy? What about Drugs?
Oct 27, 2023

Some of us may have heard the urban legend about razor blades being hidden in candy apples on Halloween, and some of us are old enough to remember our parents checking every piece of candy to make sure there weren’t razor blades hidden in our loot. Now, parents don’t worry about sharp objects in their […]

Fentanyl: Why is it so Lethal?
Feb 24, 2022

“I’m only going to try it one time.” Unfortunately, there are many teenagers and young adults who make such a declaration and don’t get the opportunity to say much more after unknowingly taking a lethal dose of fentanyl. Substance addiction has been a serious matter from one generation to the next, whether it’s been methamphetamines, […]

Purdue Pharma, Sackler Family May Soon Admit to Fueling the Opioid Epidemic
Oct 22, 2020

When we last left off in the saga of Purdue Pharma, makers of the notorious opioid OxyContin, the multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical company had recently declared bankruptcy amidst ongoing legal struggles. Purdue was embroiled in thousands of lawsuits brought by states, counties, cities, Native American tribes, and other plaintiffs alleging that they played a key role in […]

As COVID-19 Numbers Mount, Opioid Abuse Does Too
Oct 15, 2020

There’s no doubt about it. We are enduring many pains, hardships and sorrows during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The count of those who have contracted the disease continues to tick up. The number of people who have succumbed to it does too. But the misfortunes don’t stop there. Others indirectly relate to this vicious scourge. […]

The Roots of the Opioid Epidemic
Apr 29, 2019

Is the opioid crisis a recent phenomenon or did it unfold over time? According to a CNN timeline, the opioid problem surfaced in the 1860’s. During the Civil War, medics used morphine as an anesthetic when treating fighters wounded in battle. As a result, many soldiers became addicted to morphine. The next major date in […]

Pharma Execs Face Charges for Role in Opioid Distribution Scandal
Apr 26, 2019

New Charges in the Opioid Arena  As the United States continues to endure the worst of the opioid epidemic, the nation has reached the point where it starts asking difficult questions. Like all those who’ve found themselves in crises of various types throughout history, there’s a watershed moment where one pauses, considers their situation, and […]

Drug Overdose Deaths from Fentanyl Soar
Apr 5, 2019

In April 2016, rock legend Prince, suffering from intense hip pain, consumed a Vicodin for relief. Shortly afterward, he overdosed and died at his Paisley Park estate. Investigators determined that the pill was counterfeit and laced with fentanyl and that Prince, in all likelihood, did not know it. That incident brought attention to fentanyl on […]

The FDA Calls for Just the Facts about Opioids…Finally
Mar 26, 2019

Well, the time has come at long last; the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has stepped in to the opioid epidemic arena. And it did so by prescribing firm action regarding opioid research. The agency issued a mandate that applies to all manufacturers of opioid drugs. It requires them to conduct long-term studies for one express […]

How Long Does Tramadol Stay in Your System?
Mar 12, 2019

What Is Tramadol Used For? Tramadol is a prescription opioid medication that is sold under the brand names ConZip, Qdolo, and Seglentis. It is prescribed for the treatment of moderate to moderately severe pain. More than 28.7 million prescriptions were written for tramadol in the United States in 2022.1 In a similar manner to other […]

OxyContin Maker Exploring Bankruptcy in Wake of 2,000+ Lawsuits
Mar 12, 2019

Oh, the pain….whether it comes from an accident, surgery, or other cause, the narcotic painkiller du jour prescribed by doctors far and wide was OxyContin. Available legally by prescription, this substance came on the market in 1996 from its maker, Purdue Pharma. And when it did, an aggressive sales and marketing strategy touted its benefits. […]

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