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Addiction support and healing are available via a host of drug and alcohol rehab facilities near Enterprise, NV. Explore levels of care, cost and insurance information, Nevada hotline numbers, and more.
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Whether insurance covers substance use disorder treatment.
Levels of care and various types of payment.
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Where is Addiction Treatment Located in Enterprise, NV?

Nevada is home to more than 70 substance use disorder treatment facilities, many of which are centered around the Las Vegas and Reno areas. Given that Enterprise is located just outside of Las Vegas, a host of treatment centers are within driving distance. In fact, multiple levels of care—e.g., detox, inpatient, outpatient, and more—are available through numerous facilities within a 25-mile radius of Enterprise.1

Among the drug and alcohol rehab facilities near Enterprise, NV, American Addiction Centers (AAC) owns and operates the Desert Hope Treatment Center in Las Vegas. A fully accredited facility offering evidence-based treatment, Desert Hope provides quality care you can trust for both addiction and co-occurring disorders.

How to Pay for Addiction Rehab in Enterprise, NV

Costs for drug rehabs in Enterprise, NV, vary widely based on several factors such as: 

  • Amenities and services.
  • Location and local cost of living.
  • Level of care (inpatient, outpatient, etc.).
  • Duration of treatment.
  • Type of payment (insurance, out-of-pocket, etc.).
  • Specific insurance plan (if any).

Patients can pay for treatment via a variety of methods as described below. Note, however, that finances need not be a barrier to treatment. 

Does Insurance Cover Costs for Rehab in Enterprise, NV?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) ensure that health insurance providers can’t deny people coverage for substance use treatment.2 Additionally, insurers can’t impose greater restrictions or less favorable benefits for mental health disorders, such as substance use disorders, than they do for medical treatment.3 Thus, in the vast majority of cases, substance use disorder treatment is covered by insurance. However, the level of coverage varies according to each carrier and plan.

To provide some perspective about the types of insurance accepted, consider that of the more than 40 facilities within 25 miles of Enterprise, the following types of insurance are accepted at the respective number of rehabs.1

  • Private health insurance: 34.
  • Medicaid: 33.
  • Medicare: 19.
  • State-funded insurance other than Medicaid: 17.
  • Military insurance (aka TRICARE): 20.

It’s also important to note that many facilities accept multiple types of insurance plans. For example, Desert Hope Treatment Center accepts most major insurance plans such as: 

Can I Go to Rehab Without Insurance?

Even if you don’t have insurance, you can still get drug rehab treatment in Enterprise, Nevada. Although accepted payment forms differ by facility, the following payment options may be available:

  • Local, state, or federal funding. Government organizations such as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) offer grants and scholarships to cover the cost of addiction care for eligible individuals.
  • Payment plans. Eligible patients typically pay a fixed, income-based amount every month.
  • Sliding fee scales. Some rehabs provide sliding fee scales, where they adjust the cost of treatment based on your financial situation.
  • Low cost/free rehabs: Some states offer low-cost or free treatment for those who qualify.
  • Special population funding options: You may also qualify for special funding if you are a member of a unique population such as pregnant women, Veterans, tribal members, and more.

Do Rehab Centers in Enterprise, NV, Treat Alcohol and Drug Addiction?

Yes, many rehabs near Enterprise treat addiction to drugs, alcohol, or both. Additionally, drug rehabs in Enterprise, NV, and elsewhere provide various levels of care, ranging from 24/7 care and monitoring via inpatient care to ongoing outpatient therapy and treatment. While it’s important to select a level of care that meets your initial needs, you can also step up or step down to a different level of care as needed. 

Levels of care for alcohol and substance use disorders include:4

  • Detoxification. The goal of medically managed detox is to keep the patient as safe and as comfortable as possible during withdrawal.
  • Inpatient or residential rehab. Inpatient care provides 24/7 treatment in a safe, supportive environment. Therapeutic interventions, counseling, and behavioral and medical therapies are offered to aid patients in building coping skills and achieving long-term recovery.
  • Outpatient programs. Outpatient programs, which allow patients to live at home or in a sober living environment during treatment, offer similar therapies to those of inpatient programs. However, services are less intensive and less frequent. 
  • Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs). Often considered the midway point between inpatient and outpatient treatment, PHPs allow patients to live at home, but patients participate in intensive care for several hours multiple days per week.
  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs). As a form of outpatient care, IOPs offer a slightly lower intensity than inpatient and PHP programs but a higher intensity than traditional outpatient care. 
  • Aftercare. Addiction professionals typically recommend some form of aftercare treatment, such as sober living, 12-Step programs, and/or ongoing therapy, following a formal inpatient or outpatient program.

To provide some perspective, the following data shows the type and number of rehabs within 25 miles of Enterprise:1

  • Inpatient or outpatient detox: 11.
  • Inpatient rehab: 13.
  • Outpatient treatment: 33.
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP): 18.
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP): 6.

How to Find Rehab Centers in Enterprise, NV

Multiple drug and alcohol rehabs are available in Nevada. Desert Hope Treatment Center is certainly a viable option, as it features exceptional evidence-based therapies and individualized care. Admissions navigators at can assist you in assessing whether this facility meets your needs. Plus, they can verify your insurance, or you can do so via an online form. You can even sign up for text support if you don’t want to speak to someone directly.

But no treatment facility is perfect for everyone, and your journey to recovery is unique. If Desert Hope doesn’t feel like the right fit for you or a loved one, check out your options at, which includes a search tool that filters by a host of options.

If you need help immediately, contact the AAC helpline at . Or reach out to any of the following Nevada hotline numbers

If you’re not sure which Enterprise rehab center is best for you “How to Choose a Rehab Facility” provides a list of several factors to consider. Or, simply reach out today to take your first steps toward recovery. 

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