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Christian and Faith-Based Rehab Centers in Nevada

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When choosing a drug rehab center, there are many factors to take into consideration such as location, cost, and available amenities. Another worthwhile consideration to make when choosing a rehab center is your faith and whether your potential rehab center incorporates this aspect of your identity into your treatment plan. Each substance abuse treatment center may vary slightly in the services they offer, so it is crucial to choose a treatment center that addresses your needs and combines the necessary elements to help you achieve long-term recovery.

If faith is an integral part of your life, you may naturally want your faith to be a part of your recovery journey. That’s why it is important to choose a drug rehab program that recognizes how faith may benefit your recovery process. If you are searching for a Christian rehab center in Nevada, faith-based recovery programs in Nevada exist and can help you achieve long-term recovery from drug addiction.

American Addiction Centers offers faith-based rehab tracks at our Nevada rehab center and our other rehab centers across the United States. To discover more about AAC’s faith-based rehabs, call

The Impact of Faith on Addiction Recovery

Faith-based treatment interventions might be a crucial element in your recovery process. Many rehabs incorporate and focus on different religions and spiritual beliefs. In faith-based rehabs in Nevada (and across the country), your faith is placed at the forefront of your treatment or directly alongside other evidence-based treatment modalities.

Many substance abuse treatment programs incorporate some element of spirituality, such as recognizing a higher power. In fact, approximately 73% of substance abuse treatment programs across the United States indirectly or directly incorporate some form of spirituality into their programs; this is primarily due to their inclusion of 12-step programs and other self-help programs that emphasize belief in some sort of higher power that is individual to each member.1

The incorporation of Christianity and other faiths in the treatment of substance use disorders may help you recover. Research demonstrates that the incorporation of faith in treatment and recovery can help improve your treatment outcomes by positively influencing the behaviors that you engage in, helping shape your beliefs in a positive way, and providing a sense of belonging.1

Spirituality and faith may be protective factors in the development of substance abuse and addiction, too. In fact, certain studies show that spiritual or religious practices and beliefs may contribute to lower levels of substance abuse overall compared to individuals who do not practice spirituality.1

The incorporation of faith can be a protective factor against relapse and strengthen sobriety. Studies show that participants who completed an alcohol treatment program that included religion to help them cope post-treatment had fewer drinks per day and were less likely to abuse alcohol than those who did not practice spirituality.1

Similar findings occurred among individuals in an opioid program. Studies demonstrate that certain medications such as buprenorphine and methadone are effective in preventing relapse and treating opioid addiction, but they are more effective with the inclusion of spirituality and faith that strengthens recovery and reduces the risk of relapse.1

Where Can I Find Faith-Based Rehab in Nevada?

American Addiction Centers’ Nevada rehab center, Desert Hope Treatment Center, offers a variety of specialized treatment tracks, including faith-based rehab. You can view other AAC treatment centers on our treatment center page. Some of these treatment centers offer specialized faith-based treatment tracks that help you incorporate faith into your recovery from drugs and alcohol. In combination with other evidence-based therapies, faith-based programs help American Addiction Centers patients recover from drug and alcohol abuse with meaning, purpose, and faith.

How Is Faith Worked into Rehab Programs?

Different treatment centers may incorporate faith-based modalities into their programs in varying ways. Substance abuse treatment centers that offer faith-based treatment tracks typically combine a variety of evidence-based interventions, such as individual and group behavioral therapies, into their inpatient or outpatient treatment programs. The treatment provider you choose, your history of addiction, and your recovery goals influence the types of services and amenities you may receive in drug rehab. Services can range in intensity between treatment programs and based on your needs.

Many people choose to start with medically managed detox where your main goal is to safely eliminate drugs and alcohol from your body.2 It is important to note that detox doesn’t address the emotional, behavioral, or spiritual components of addiction; treatment typically “officially” starts after you’ve successfully detoxed. After detox, residential treatment or outpatient treatment could be a logical next step in your journey to sustained abstinence.

During residential or inpatient treatment, you may be housed and cared for in a licensed treatment facility where medical and addiction professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In inpatient treatment, your focus may encompass developing awareness regarding the sources of your addiction and ways to live a life free from substances once you complete inpatient treatment.2 Inpatient treatment can last anywhere from a week or two to several months. Length of treatment stay in inpatient rehab is also dependent upon factors such as insurance coverage and the treatment facility you choose.

Outpatient programs including group, individual, and family therapy as well as 12-step and other support groups offer slightly more flexibility in scheduling. Services can involve one or more hours of therapy a week and outpatient programs are most suitable if you have a solid social support system, stable housing, and a job.2

Rehab centers may incorporate the belief in a higher power during support group meetings, and AA/NA 12-step programs, and clinicians can include spirituality as a part of your treatment plan. One example of how some treatment centers may bring faith-based interventions into your treatment process include through optional bible study and prayer groups.

Effective substance abuse treatment addresses each part of you, from any possible underlying mental and physical health conditions to your spirituality, culture, current social supports, age, gender, and ethnicity.3

How Much Do Faith-Based Rehab Programs in Nevada Cost?

The cost of Christian rehab centers in Nevada varies. Factors that influence the overall cost of treatment include the treatment facility, your level of care, how long your treatment lasts, your insurance coverage, and the services required. Call the number on the back of your insurance card to verify your insurance coverage and eligible benefits.

You can also verify your behavioral health coverage at any AAC treatment center by filling in your insurance information in the form below.

How to Choose the Best Faith-Based Rehab in Nevada

Choosing the right treatment center will play a vital role in your recovery. A treatment center should offer services that are in alignment with your beliefs, values, needs, and overall treatment goals. If your faith is important to you, or you want to incorporate faith and spirituality into your recovery, American Addiction Centers (AAC) can help. AAC offers rehab centers in Nevada and offers a faith-based track at Desert Hope Treatment Center to support your spiritual needs.

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