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Substance Abuse Among Indigenous Americans
Native american communities often face higher rates of substance abuse and barriers to treatment. A detailed looked at substance abuse among indigenous americans and culturally appropriate treatment programs are essential for addressing the problem this indigenous people's day.
The Consequences of Alcohol Use During the Pandemic
People are drinking more alcohol in 2020 than in earlier years because of COVID-19 and other factors that are affecting the mental health of so many Americans. Despite its popularity, alcohol is an unhealthy solution, but there are better options to consider.
How Can I Overcome an Addiction during COVID-19 When I Can Barely Get Out of Bed?
Managing mental health during the covid-19 pandemic can be difficult. Isolation, stress, and boredom can make it easier to relapse into addiction or other mental health disorder. It's important to equip yourself with coping mechanisms to maintain your mental health.
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