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Naltrexone & Alcohol: Can I Drink While on Natrexone?
Oct 17, 2017

What is Naltrexone? The opioid antagonist Naltrexone (brand names: ReVia, Vivitrol, and Depade) is a medication that is FDA-approved to treat those who suffer from alcohol use disorders and opioid use disorders.1 The drug comes in a pill form (Depade and the more popular version ReVia) and as an extended-release injectable form (Vivitrol). Naltrexone is […]

Vivitrol (Naltrexone): Uses, Cost & Treatment Near Me
Apr 12, 2017

What is Vivitrol? Vivitrol is the injectable brand name version of naltrexone that can be used to help people maintain abstinence while recovering from an opioid or alcohol dependence. Other formulations of naltrexone are available in oral tablet form, but Vivitrol is administered as an intramuscular solution once per month It is important people in […]

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