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Alcohol & Drug Rehabs in Louisiana: How to Find Rehabs in Louisiana

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If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol misuse, a critical concern might be where to get treatment. Numerous drug rehabs in Louisiana offer treatment options that include inpatient and outpatient rehab, aftercare and sober living environments, and more.

Read on to discover where you can find addiction rehabs in Louisiana, what kind of therapies they offer, how much rehab centers in Louisiana might cost, and insights about insurance coverage and selection criteria.

Where Can You Find Addiction Treatment in Louisiana?

As of 2023, there are 165 treatment facilities for substance use disorders throughout Louisiana, most of which are located near New Orleans, Lafayette, and Baton Rouge. In addition, 109 programs offer treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders along with substance use treatment.1

Like many U.S. rehab facilities, treatment centers in Louisiana provide multiple levels of care, as outlined by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). These levels range from inpatient care, where patients stay in a facility during treatment, to outpatient services, where patients live in their own residences and attend scheduled treatment at facilities, and more.2

Types of Rehabs in Louisiana

Louisiana offers the following types and numbers of substance use treatment facilities, among others:1

  • 17 Inpatient Hospitals and Facilities.
  • 18 Residential Facilities.
  • 35 Outpatient Treatment Facilities.
  • 17 Hospital Programs with Inpatient Detox.
  • 20 Facilities with Outpatient Detox.

Do Rehab Centers in Louisiana Cover Alcohol and Drug Addiction?

In Louisiana as well as elsewhere, not all treatment programs offer rehab for all substances. For example, 18 programs indicate that they do not treat alcohol use disorder. Meanwhile, 47 programs specify that they can provide opioid detoxification.1

That said, most rehab programs in Louisiana and nearby states offer services for a wide range of substances. For example, the American Addiction Centers facility near Dallas, Greenhouse Treatment Center (less than 4 hours west of Shreveport, LA), and the Mississippi-based Oxford Treatment Center (less than 4 hours from the Louisiana border) treat disorders related to the following substances and more:

Additionally, the majority of rehab centers in Louisiana offer treatment for co-occurring disorders and can provide treatment for both a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder at the same time, which is the recommended practice.3

How Much Does Rehab in Louisiana Cost?

Many factors can influence the cost of a rehab program. Some may include:

  • Level of care.
  • Insurance coverage and/or payment types accepted by the facility.
  • Facility services and amenities.

If you don’t have health insurance, there are several additional payment options. For example, some treatment centers can arrange a payment plan over time, help you identify block grants or scholarships, allow you to pay via a sliding fee scale, or even aid you in identifying alternative funding.

Overall, 133 of the rehab programs in Louisiana allow people to pay in cash for treatment. In addition, Louisiana has some government-funded programs.1

Is Rehab in Louisiana Covered by Insurance?

Coverage for alcohol and drug rehab varies according to your health insurance plan. However, under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) all insurance coverage (except grandfathered plans) must offer mental health and substance use disorder services. Plus, plans purchased through the Marketplace can’t cap the amount of substance use or mental health treatment covered.4

In addition, many treatment centers in Louisiana accept payment from government-sponsored insurance plans. For example, 38 rehab programs in Louisiana accept Medicaid.1

Veterans Affairs funding through Tricare may also be an option for some people. Visit the VA directory to search for a VA-related substance use disorder program. Or learn more about Veteran-specific treatment options available through American Addiction Centers.

How to Choose the Best Rehab in Louisiana for You

No program is right for everyone. Choosing the Louisiana rehab facility that best meets your needs requires careful consideration of several factors such as:

  • Program duration. Some programs last only a few days, but others can continue for months. Consider whether a short- or long-term program is the best fit for your needs.
  • Treatment Approach.Are you looking for a particular form of therapy or program format, such as group, family, or individual therapy? It’s important to consider the various approaches offered at each treatment center.
  • Program location. While some people attend treatment in a facility near family and friends, others seek treatment away from these influences as they may negatively impact their recovery.
  • Levels of care. Do you prefer inpatient or outpatient care? Do you want a facility with supervised detox and/or aftercare options? These are all important considerations when choosing a facility.
  • Cost, Insurance, and Financial Assistance. Insurance benefits, out-of-pocket costs, and potential financial assistance are also important factors. That said, paying for treatment should not be a barrier to care. Talk to our admissions navigators to discuss benefits.
  • Treatment centers typically offer a variety of amenities or services that may be important to you, such a yoga, equine therapy, art therapy, hiking excursions, etc.
  • Target Population. Some treatment centers target specific groups of people to offer more specialized care, such as faith-based therapies, single-sex treatment programs, LGBTQ+ populations, and even Veteran-centered approaches such as American Addiction Center’s Salute to Recovery program.

If you’re having trouble finding a Louisiana-based option that meets your needs, consider treatment programs outside of the state. American Addiction Centers has facilities across the U.S., and our admissions navigators can help direct you to the facilities that most closely match your needs.

Other Louisiana Rehab and Addiction Treatment Resources

If you’re looking for substance use disorder treatment in Louisiana, other organizations can also offer help and support.


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