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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers in New Mexico

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New Mexico is home to myriad drug and alcohol rehab facilities, which offer everything from detox and inpatient treatment to outpatient rehab and aftercare. Discover more about rehabs in New Mexico, including costs, insurance coverage, and payment options, along with insights on how to find a treatment center that fits your needs.

Where Can You Find Drug Rehabs in New Mexico?

New Mexico offers roughly 100 substance use treatment centers, many of which are located near cities such as Albuquerque, Las Cruces, and Santa Fe. However, you can find facilities across the state, including on or near multiple Native American reservations, such as those for the Navajo Nation, Mescalero Apache Tribe, Acoma Pueblo, and Zuni Nation.1

Rehabs in New Mexico and elsewhere each provide various levels of care, ranging from prevention, outpatient services, and partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) to residential/inpatient treatment, medically managed intensive inpatient services, and aftercare and sober living environments.

New Mexico Rehabs

To illustrate the types and quantity of New Mexico treatment options, here’s a snapshot of the state’s alcohol and drug rehab options. Each number represents the quantity of treatment centers that provide the corresponding level of care.1

Do Treatment Centers in New Mexico Cover Drug & Alcohol Addiction?

Of the 100 treatment centers in New Mexico that specialize in providing substance use disorder care, many provide treatment for a variety of substances—a fact that’s true of most states and facilities. For example, American Addiction Centers’ facilities in nearby Nevada (i.e., Desert Hope Treatment Center) and Texas (i.e., Greenhouse Treatment Center) offer treatment for the following substances and others:

However, some rehab centers in New Mexico concentrate their services on specific substances and opt out of treating for certain disorders. For instance, 22 of the state’s rehab facilities indicate they don’t provide alcohol use disorder treatment.1

Additionally, 60 of the alcohol and drug rehabs in New Mexico handle co-occurring mental conditions.1 This capacity is particularly important as it can affect recovery success. That is, treating both conditions concurrently is more effective than treating them separately.2 Additionally, co-occurring conditions are far from rare. According to data from the 2021 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 19.3 million people age 18 and older had a substance use disorder and co-occurring mental illness in the last year.3

How Much Does Rehab in New Mexico Cost?

A staggering amount of people with a substance use disorder never get treatment. In fact, according to the 2021 NSDUH, of those aged 12 and older with a substance use disorder, 94% didn’t receive treatment.4 While myriad factors impact a person’s decision to seek treatment, cost is likely one of them.

However, costs vary widely in New Mexico and elsewhere. Variables include everything from the level and length of treatment needed to desired services and amenities. So it’s difficult to pinpoint costs of rehab on a broad scale. Rather, the best way to understand exactly how much you’ll pay is to verify your insurance benefits via the orange button below.

Note, however, if you don’t have insurance, payment options may be available. Bottom line: The cost of rehab doesn’t have to be a barrier to treatment.

Is Rehab in New Mexico Covered by Insurance?

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), almost all U.S. health insurance plans—public and private—are required to cover mental health and substance use disorder services in some capacity.5 While the mandate doesn’t mean that treatment is free, it offers some assistance in getting the care you need.

Additionally, Medicare and Medicaid (aka Centennial Care in New Mexico) cover certain services that are related to substance use disorder treatment and recovery.6,7 Plus, if applicable, Veterans Affairs options such as Tricare  may also be available. (Check the VA directory to search for an affiliated substance use disorder program, or learn more about Veteran-specific treatment options available through American Addiction Centers.)

Granted, each facility is unique in the type of insurance it accepts and whether it’s considered in-network or out-of-network with various providers. However, health insurance is a viable payment option for treatment in New Mexico.

If you don’t have one of these forms of insurance—or your facility of choice doesn’t accept your plan—some New Mexico rehabs will provide payment plans, sliding fee scales, access to other resources, and more. Plus, various treatment options are available for special populations. For example, the state’s Mescalero Apache Tribe offers  substance abuse services to federally recognized tribal members.

The following data provides an overview of various payment options. Each number represents the quantity of treatment centers that accept the corresponding payment form.1

  • Private health insurance: 69.
  • Medicare: 57.
  • Medicaid: 87.
  • Indian Health Service (IHS), Tribal Health Services, and Urban Indian Health Programs (together referred to as I/T/U): 29.
  • Tricare: 48
  • Federal or government funding: 62.
  • Cash/self-pay: 81.
  • State-financed health insurance other than Medicaid: 68.
  • Funding or grants from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA): 15.

How to Choose the Best Rehab in New Mexico for You

Choosing the right rehab is critical. Here are some steps that may help you select a treatment center that best fits your needs:8

  1. Identify your goals. It is essential to determine what you want to achieve by going to rehab. Do you want to detox, overcome addiction, learn coping skills, and/or develop a sober support system? Knowing what you want to accomplish can help you narrow down the rehab programs that meet your needs.
  2. Research different types of rehab. To find the right level of care for your unique situation, you need to first understand the options. Granted, it’s important to work with your healthcare and/or treatment professional to make the final decision. But it’s helpful to arm yourself with knowledge about the following levels of care before you have these important conversations.
  1. Check the credentials of the rehab. Make sure that the rehab you choose is licensed and accredited by a recognized organization, such as the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Also consider checking the qualifications and credentials of the staff members, including doctors, nurses, and therapists.
  2. Consider the location. Would you prefer a rehab that is close to home or in a different city or state? Are you looking to stay close to familiar people and places, or are these environments triggers for your disorder?
  3. Assess the treatment and therapy methods. Every rehab center employs a combination of therapies and treatment methods. So consider if the rehab’s offerings align with your preferences and goals, but also ensure that the program includes evidenced-based and proven substance use disorder treatments.
  4. Consider the duration of the program. While professionals can help determine the appropriate length of treatment for your needs, you may already have some notions about how long you’re able to stay in treatment. So consider any program-length stipulations as you search for a treatment center.
  5. Explore payment options. Does this facility accept your preferred payment option and/or provide financing alternatives?
  6. Read reviews and ask for recommendations. Reading online reviews and asking for recommendations from trusted sources, such as healthcare providers or support groups, can help you gain insights into the quality and effectiveness of the rehab program.

It’s critical to take the time to research your options and ask questions before selecting a treatment facility. If you don’t know where to begin—or you’d simply like an expert to assist you with the process—American Addiction Centers can help. Reach out to our admissions navigators at to learn more about treatment and discuss your options.

Other New Mexico Rehab and Addiction Treatment Resources

A host of addiction- and treatment-related info is at your fingertips. Here’s a short list of addiction and treatment resources in New Mexico and elsewhere.


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