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Addiction Treatment for Veterans in Texas

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Veteran rehabs in Texas help those who have served in our armed forces receive the proper treatment to help them recover from substance abuse issues and co-occurring mental health conditions. Learn more below about how to receive targeted addiction and mental health treatment in Texas as a veteran.

American Addiction offers veteran-specific rehabilitation in Texas. Call us at Or visit our treatment centers hub to find out more.

Where Are Veteran Rehabs in Texas?

There are 431 rehab facilities throughout the state of Texas that treat drug and alcohol addiction. Many addiction centers are located near larger cities to meet the demand, but they exist in smaller towns too. The breakdown of the type of Texas substance abuse rehab treatment centers is as follows:1

  • 362 outpatient rehab facilities.
  • 108 residential rehab facilities.
  • 41 inpatient rehab facilities.
  • 62 opioid treatment program facilities.

Some of these Texas drug and alcohol rehabs may overlap in the services they provide.

American Addiction Centers’ Texas facility, Greenhouse Treatment Center, is a quality rehab center for veterans near Dallas. It provides comprehensive support and treatment for all substance abuse issues. You can begin recovery at this top-tier location, which specializes in the treatment of co-occurring disorders, medical detox, partial hospitalization programs, and more.

How Much Does Rehab in Texas Cost for Veterans?

The cost of veteran rehab programs in Texas varies depending on a host of factors. One is the length of stay, which will be based on the severity of your condition. Some people stay for 30 days, while others may stay for 60 or 90 days. The type of treatment you need will also play a role. For example, if you need extensive medical detox including medication, it may cost more than outpatient therapy.

What Length of Time in Rehabilitation Will the VA Cover?

The length of time the VA will cover your treatment depends on your situation. According to the VA benefits page, you can expect to receive treatment that will help you get stable.3 Combined with coverage for continuing care and relapse prevention, it is implied that treatment could last for an extended period.3

Do Other Insurance Providers Cover the Cost of Rehab?

If you have other insurance, be sure to let the veterans’ drug treatment center in Texas know what you have. The rehab facility will use all of your insurances. If you don’t have any other insurances, you can check into state-funded options like Medicaid and Medicare, which don’t cost anything for you.

If you’d like to find out whether your insurance company will cover treatment at American Addiction Centers, fill out the self-service verification of benefits form below. We’ll contact you as soon as possible to discuss your treatment options with you.

What Types of Addiction Therapies Are Available to Veterans?

Many therapies and treatment programs exist to help veterans with substance abuse. These include:

  • Inpatient rehab.
  • Medically assisted detox.
  • Intensive outpatient program.
  • Partial hospitalization program.
  • Outpatient treatment program.
  • Individual therapy.
  • Group therapy.
  • Aftercare rehab.

Statistics on Veterans and Addiction in Texas

  • Veterans with a substance use disorder and/or a mental health disorder totaled 3.7 million in 2018.4
  • Alcohol use among veterans 26 and older in 2018 totaled 11.9 million.4
  • 59,000 veterans used heroin in 2018.4
  • 235,000 veterans used cocaine in 2018.4
  • 3 million veterans used marijuana in 2018.4

How Do I Choose the Best Veteran Rehab in Texas?

Finding the best drug rehab in Texas means ensuring your choices meet certain criteria. The optimal program for veterans:

  • Offers co-occurring disorder treatment for mental health and substance abuse disorders.
  • Delivers a high level of services that target a variety of needs.
  • Offers several treatment lengths, so you get the right fit for you.
  • Can provide a payment plan option.
  • Offers a specific treatment track for veterans, as well as targeted therapies for veterans’ issues.

Does Texas Have Special Addiction Laws and Programs for Veterans?

Texas offers special drug treatment courts, one of which is for veterans.5 The veterans’ treatment court assists veterans with a substance use disorder who are involved with a pending court case.5 The court works to ensure public safety while helping the veteran get the needed rehab.5

Other Resources for Veterans in Texas

Veterans have many other resources to tap into in Texas. Some of these include:

AAC’s Reviews on Addiction Treatment for Veterans

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