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Clonazepam Withdrawal Symptoms, Timeline & Detox Treatment
Oct 19, 2015

Clonazepam, brand name Klonopin, is an anxiolytic drug prescribed to treat seizure disorders and also panic disorders by slowing down some of the bodily and brain functions related to anxiety and stress. Clonazepam is thought to increase the presence of gamma amino-butyric acid (GABA) in the brain, which helps to slow down heart rate and […]

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms, Timeline & Detox Treatment
Oct 19, 2015

This article will introduce problematic patterns of alcohol consumption in the United States and the risks of developing an alcohol use disorder (AUD). It will also explore what happens to your brain and body when you are dependent on alcohol and suddenly stop drinking or reduce your alcohol intake—including symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, the approximate […]

Drug Withdrawal Symptoms, Timelines & Treatment
Oct 19, 2015

What Is Drug Withdrawal? Drug withdrawal is a physiological response to the sudden quitting or slowing of use of a substance to which the body has grown dependent on. The various types of drug withdrawal syndromes may involve different combinations of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms—some of which can prove dangerous if left unmanaged. Symptoms […]

Oxycodone Withdrawal Symptoms, Timeline & Detox Treatment
Oct 19, 2015

Oxycodone is a prescription opioid painkiller often used to treat severe pain; however, it also has a high potential for misuse and addiction. People that take oxycodone consistently or misuse oxycodone are at high risk for withdrawal symptoms when they suddenly quit taking it or drastically reduce their use.1 This page will discuss what causes […]

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms, Timeline & Detox Treatment
Oct 15, 2015

After regular use of heroin, people often develop a tolerance and physical dependence on this drug. Tolerance occurs when the body adapts to heroin’s presence and a person needs more heroin to achieve the desired effect or the person experiences drug withdrawal symptoms associated with physiological dependence when they abruptly reduce or quit using heroin.3,4 […]

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT): Find MAT Treatment Near Me
Sep 18, 2015

What is Medication-Assisted Treatment? As would be expected given the name, medications are an indispensable element of medication-assisted treatment methods—but they aren’t the only component of such treatment. Instead, medication-assisted treatment entails a combined approach to treat substance use disorders. MAT combines pharmacological treatment (medications) with behavioral treatment that is tailored to a patient’s unique […]

Benzo Withdrawal Symptoms, Timeline & Detox Treatment
Sep 16, 2015

Benzo Withdrawal Symptoms Benzodiazepines (benzos) are not intended to be taken long-term, as prolonged use or abuse can cause the brain to become both physically and psychologically dependent on them. Withdrawal symptoms, ranging from a return of uncomfortable psychological symptoms to physical manifestations such as nausea and diarrhea, may occur when the drugs are removed […]

The Dangers of Benzo Withdrawals
Sep 16, 2015

Are Benzodiazepines Dangerous to Withdraw From? Yes. When people take benzos for longer than a few months, or when they take high doses of benzos, the brain comes to depend on these drugs. When they are removed, people may experience anxiety, panic, hallucinations, and/or seizures. The safest way to deal with a benzo addiction is […]

Post Acute Withdrawal (PAW) Symptoms
Mar 21, 2014

Many symptoms of alcohol and drug withdrawal are the result of the toxic effects these chemicals have on the brain and the body. In the first days and weeks following cessation of drug and alcohol use, individuals may experience acute withdrawal symptoms, which can be more severe for some than others and will vary depending […]

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