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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers in Utah: Finding Rehab in Utah

Addiction is a disease that can be managed successfully, and a host of treatment centers in Utah can help you or a loved one take the first steps toward recovery. Rehabs in Utah can help people counteract the disruptive effects of addiction and to ultimately regain control of their lives. In addition, Utah-based rehabs offer a variety of services and settings, including inpatient and outpatient facilities, residential and long-term treatment programs, and more.

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Where Can You Find Addiction Treatment in Utah?

Drug and alcohol treatment centers in Utah are often located near large cities and greater metropolitan areas. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, several substance use treatment centers are found near Salt Lake City, Provo, and Saint George, which comprise some of the largest population centers in the state. However, since Utah has more than 281 substance use facilities (as defined by, outlying areas offer rehab facilities as well.1

Like many rehab facilities across the U.S., treatment centers in Utah span multiple levels of care, as outlined by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). These levels of care can range from inpatient care, in which participants stay in a facility while they are receiving treatment, to outpatient services, where patients live in their own residences and attend scheduled treatment at facilities, and more.2

Types of Treatment Centers in Utah

Utah offers the following types and numbers of substance use treatment facilities, among others:1

  • 11 Inpatient Hospitals and Facilities.
  • 84 Residential Facilities.
  • 216 Outpatient Treatment Facilities.
  • 4 Hospital Programs with Inpatient Detox.
  • 40 Facilities with Outpatient Detox.

Do Rehab Centers in Utah Cover Alcohol and Drug Addiction?

While some rehab centers in Utah treat both alcohol and drug addiction, others may focus on one substance or substance category, e.g., alcohol, stimulants, prescription medications, etc. For example, information from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration indicates that Utah offers 17 opioid-specific treatment programs.1

That said, many drug rehab centers in Utah and other states treat a variety of substance addictions. For example, American Addiction Centers Desert Hope Treatment Center in Las Vegas (less than 2 hours from St. George, UT), treats disorders related to the following substances and more:

Additionally, several rehabs in Utah offer treatment for both substance use disorders as well as co-occurring mental health disorders, e.g., anxiety, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and personality disorders.1,3 For those who suffer from both conditions, it’s generally more effective to treat them at the same time rather than separately. Plus, it’s important that treatment is tailored to the specific combination of disorders and symptoms of each patient.3

How Much Does Rehab in Utah Cost?

The cost of rehab in Utah depends on several factors, such as the level of care you are seeking, your insurance coverage, and the facility itself. The best way to know for sure is to verify your insurance.

However, if you don’t have health insurance, there are several ways to pay for rehab in Utah. Many treatment centers may be able to work with you to arrange a payment plan, use scholarships or block grants, or identify alternative funding.

If you are struggling to pay for rehab, finances don’t have to be a barrier to care. Reach out to American Addiction Centers to learn more about insurance verification and payment options.

Is Rehab in Utah Covered by Insurance?

Though your coverage may vary depending on your plan and the insurance company itself, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires that all insurance coverage (except grandfathered plans) offer mental health and substance use disorder services. It is also worth noting that insurance plans purchased through the Marketplace are not allowed to put a cap on how much substance use or mental health treatment they cover.4

The Utah Department of Health and Human Services also provides federal Medicaid funding for a certain number of treatment programs.5 There are currently 180 substance use facilities in Utah that accept Medicaid.1

If applicable, also consider Veterans Affairs funding such as TRICARE, which is a healthcare program offered to service members and their families. To search for a VA substance use disorder program, visit the VA directory. Or learn more about Veteran-specific treatment options available through American Addiction Centers.

How to Choose the Best Utah Rehab Facility for You

Choosing the right substance use treatment program is a big decision with many factors to consider. Some of these factors include:

  • Program Duration. Treatment programs vary in duration. So it’s worth considering whether a longer program might give you the support you need to make confident strides toward recovery—or if a shorter term and/or outpatient experience is a better fit for your situation.
  • Level of Care. Do you need outpatient or inpatient care? If you’re not sure, our can provide insights and answer admissions and treatment questions.
  • Treatment Approach. Are you interested in—or averse to—a particular form of therapy or program format, such as group, individual, or family therapy? It’s important to consider the types of therapies, activities, and approaches offered at various treatment centers.
  • Target Population. Some treatment programs target specific groups of people to offer more specialized care, such as single-sex treatment programs, LGBTQ+ populations, faith-based therapies, and even Veteran-centered approaches such as American Addiction Center’s Salute to Recovery program.
  • Cost, Insurance, and Financial Assistance. When you’re comparing treatment options, it’s also important to consider insurance benefits and out-of-pocket costs, and whether financial assistance is available if needed. Paying for treatment should not be a barrier to care. Talk to our admissions navigators to discuss benefits and various fee structures available at our U.S. facilities.
  • Amenities. Different treatment programs may have additional amenities or services that appeal to you, such a yoga, equine therapy, art therapy, hiking excursions, etc.

If you are struggling to find a Utah-based option that meets your needs, consider treatment programs outside of Utah. Doing so may allow you to match your needs more closely to a treatment center’s services and amenities. American Addiction Centers has facilities across the U.S., and our admissions navigators can help direct you to the facilities that most closely match your needs.

Other Utah Rehab and Addiction Treatment Services

If you are seeking substance use treatment in Utah, you are not alone. Help is available from several sources including:


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