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“Addiction Talk” is an award-winning online talk show dedicated to sharing the personal stories of celebrities, influencers and everyday people impacted by addiction. Through sharing our personal journeys, we provide hope and inspiration for the millions of Americans battling this disease every day.
Watch the show live Wednesdays at 7 pm ET.
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Addiction Talk Episode 11: Symone Redwine
Addiction Talk Episode 10: Steven Kuhn
Addiction Talk Episode 9: Vic Vela
Addiction Talk Episode 8: Lamar Odom
Addiction Talk Episode 7: Kassi Underwood
Addiction Talk Episode 6: Mental Health & Veterans
Addiction Talk Episode 5: Past & Present NFL Players (Matthew Slater, Patrick Venzke, Beasley Reece, Derek Price)
Addiction Talk Episode 4: Tawny Lara
Addiction Talk Episode 3: Ben Higgins
About The Host
As a former TV health journalist and current talk show host, Joy Sutton is a master communicator with over 20 years of media experience. Joy has been engaging audiences as far back as she can remember, including a theatrical performance at New York’s famed Apollo Theater. Joy’s media background includes serving as an anchor/health reporter for a CBS affiliate, producing stories that aired on Entertainment Tonight and covering former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment hearings. She has also produced special reports from world-renowned medical centers, including the CDC and Walter Reed Army Medical Center. She also serves as the senior director of corporate communications for American Addiction Centers. Joy is a proud graduate of Howard University and Virginia Tech.
Joy Sutton, Host of Addiction Talk.
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