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Potent Street Drugs and Injection Sites
Dec 16, 2021

It would be so much easier if life was black and white. Good and bad. Hot and cold. Clear and vivid sides. However, there is so much gray area in the middle that it bleeds into the opposing sides, blurring the bridge between perceptions of right and wrong choices. Helping an individual addicted to drugs […]

Talk About Prescriptions Month
Oct 21, 2020

October is Talk About Prescriptions Month, and its observance couldn’t come at a better time. During the COVID-19 pandemic, a June survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed dramatic increases in depression, anxiety, and drug use among Americans. Although studies have indicated an increase in alcohol use, experts warn that […]

Joe Biden’s and Donald Trump’s Presidential Opioid Policies
Oct 12, 2020

With the election right around the corner, there are only a small handful of key issues that seem to be on everyone’s minds: COVID-19, the economy, health care, the Supreme Court, but relatively few others. One important issue that’s gotten overlooked, however, is the opioid epidemic. Though it hasn’t been in the news recently, the […]

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