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Online Support Groups vs. In-Person Meetings
May 2, 2021

As the world become more connected through the Internet, online support groups are revolutionizing the addiction treatment space. Especially in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, online support groups have become a vital part of telehealth and addiction treatment. For those in recovery, online support groups may be one of the few ways to maintain connection […]

4 Addiction Support Group Options
Mar 16, 2021

Many people who misuse alcohol and drugs rely on support groups to help them stay sober. In addition to promoting accountability, these meetings provide people in recovery with a safe space to talk about their experiences, receive and provide encouragement, and share coping skills and other helpful advice. Addiction support groups can also be a […]

How to Avoid a Recovery Rut
Mar 8, 2021

When we first come into recovery, whether by way of rehab, counseling, or a 12-step program, many of us are inundated with new experiences. Our days may be filled with therapy, support group meetings, and other activities designed to show us a new way to live. But as we learn to integrate these techniques into […]

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