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Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) in Florida

Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) are a type of outpatient treatment that can help those seeking help for substance use disorders. Generally considered to be a more intensive form than traditional outpatient programs, PHPs allow individuals to receive therapies and counseling in a hospital setting for several hours each week but return home or to a sober living environment at the end of each day. If you or a loved one struggle with substance misuse, a PHP in Florida can help you achieve lasting recovery.
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What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)?

Every individual, who enters rehab, necessitates a treatment plan that is unique to their specific needs and situation. The substance use treatment program that’s right for them depends on several factors, including the severity of their addiction, the presence of co-occurring mental health conditions, their home environment, and where they are at in their recovery journey.

The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) has designated five main levels of care. A PHP falls within level 2 of the ASAM continuum of care.1 It is a level above outpatient services but below residential and inpatient treatments.1

What does that mean exactly? Individuals in a PHP don’t require 24-hour supervision or care.2 Healthcare professionals may recommend a PHP to an individual after they complete medically managed detox or graduate from an inpatient or a residential program.

Regardless of how an individual gets to a PHP, the goals are generally the same—to reinforce the coping strategies and skills presented to them to aid them in identifying triggers, managing stressors, and preventing relapse.2 PHPs also aim to provide individuals with the necessary psychosocial support while clinicians address their symptoms and needs.2

In a PHP, individuals can expect to attend structured programming at the facility for 4 to 8 hours a day, most days a week.3 The amount of time they’re in a PHP varies, but average length of time is about 3 months.3

Although no two programs are exactly alike, some of the therapeutic interventions and counseling techniques one might encounter in a PHP for a substance use disorder may include:4

  • Individual and group therapy.
  • Vocational and educational counseling.
  • Family meetings.
  • Medications.
  • Random drug screenings.
  • Treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders.

How Much Does a Florida PHP Cost?

The cost of PHP treatment in Florida varies widely, depending on factors such as length of stay, the facility’s location, amenities offered, and your insurance coverage.

If you have insurance, you can contact your provider to find out the specifics of your coverage because thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), you can’t be denied coverage for mental health or substance use disorders.5 Additionally, you can reach out to the facility where you’re interested in receiving treatment and have them verify your insurance coverage.

Even with insurance, you may have copayments or deductibles to meet before your insurance kicks in. Coverage may also limit the facilities you can attend or the number of days you can be in treatment. However, there are other options to pay for a PHP in Florida, including self-payment, payment plans, sliding scale fees, financial aid, and scholarships, which some facilities may offer depending on need.

What Do PHPs in Florida Treat?

A PHP in Florida can treat a range of addiction issues, including substance misuse or alcohol misuse. Many PHPs can also treat people with co-occurring mental health disorders.2 Co-occurring mental health disorders are common with substance misuse. A PHP can utilize resources to address the substance use and mental health disorder at the same time.2,4

Like the levels of addiction treatment, there are also levels of co-occurring disorder treatment. Some programs may focus on the substance use disorder but be capable of coordinating and collaborating with mental health services to treat less severe mental health disorders, such as mild anxiety disorders, for instance.6

Other programs may provide an integrated approach, which involves employing treatment strategies from both the substance use and mental disorder fields to provide the concomitant care of both disorders at once.6

How Long Does a PHP Last in Florida?

Similar to cost, the length of time spent in a PHP varies and depends on your clinical needs, support system, co-occurring disorders, and other factors—though generally programs last between 30 and 90 days.6

Regardless of the duration, periodic follow-up sessions beyond treatment—and on a continuing, long-term basis—have proven to provide the best outcomes from substance use disorder.6

How to Find a Partial Hospitalization Program in Florida

Before searching for a PHP, you might want to make an appointment with your primary care physician, other healthcare professional, or an addiction specialist, who can assess your needs and make a recommendation on the appropriate level of care for you. After that, you should look for a program that meets all of your needs. You should consider several factors when deciding, including:

  • Reviews. Read through what past program participants have to say about their time in the PHP.
  • Location. If you need to tend to work, school, or home responsibilities when you’re not in sessions at the facility, you likely want to choose a program close to your home. If you’re living in a sober living environment while attending the PHP, you have the flexibility to choose a program outside of your immediate area, which can be beneficial in providing a fresh start.
  • Insurance. If you’re using insurance to help cover the cost of treatment, look for facilities that are in-network with your provider.
  • Amenities. Besides counseling, psychotherapy, and education, some PHP programs may offer additional amenities, like yoga, art therapy, meditation, nutrition, or fitness classes.

Partial Hospitalization Programs at American Addiction Centers (AAC) in Florida

You can find PHPs and other levels of addiction treatment in Florida easily by contacting AAC. Our compassionate admissions navigators can answer your questions about our PHPs at River Oaks and Recovery First treatment centers, which may utilize a combination of interventions, including:

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