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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers in Tampa, Florida
Mar 18, 2021

Where is Addiction Treatment Located in Tampa? There are several rehab centers in Tampa, Florida. You can find a drug addiction treatment center within the metropolitan city of Tampa or the Tampa Bay Area in general. AAC’s River Oaks Treatment Center is conveniently located at 12012 Boyette Rd. in Tampa. Situated in a quiet area […]

Florida Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers
Apr 8, 2019

Where are Rehabs in Florida Located? With more than 700 drug rehab facilities, Florida, has ample provisions for people seeking help for their addiction.2 Many of these facilities are located near larger cities like Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, and Orlando, but you will find addiction centers scattered across the state. AAC’s Florida locations are conveniently situated in […]

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