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National Advocate
Josh Altenbach
Jake Arther
Advocate: Jake
Branch Atkisson
Advocate: Branch
Rachael Bean
Advocate: Rachael
Julie Bondy
Advocate: Julie
American Addiction Centers provides quality treatment programs across the country. As the Treatment Consultant for the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area, my...
Kayla Briers
Advocate: Kayla
Jamie Brown
Advocate: Jamie
Michelle Burks
Advocate: Michelle
Gina Carey
Advocate: Gina
Gina Carey is a Outreach Coordinator for American Addiction Centers covering the Northern Virginia and Maryland area. Though she started working in th...
Lisa Carroll
Advocate: Lisa
Vincent Chatelain
Advocate: Vincent
For answers to your questions regarding treatment options in Louisiana as well as throughout the US, do not hesitate to call or email....
Catherine Connell
Advocate: Catherine
Jose Delgado
Advocate: Jose
Kyle Donnelly
Advocate: Kyle
Kyle Donnelly is a Treatment Consultant with American Addiction Centers in the greater Richmond Virginia area. Kyle has helped to create an environmen...
Kyle Fatigante
Advocate: Kyle
Kyle Fatigante received his Associates Degree from Ocean County College in New Jersey. Kyle began working in the healthcare industry in 2010. Through...
Chris Ferrante
Advocate: Chris
Maggie French
Advocate: Maggie
Maggie French began her career in the addiction treatment industry in 2010. She brings with her years of experience, having worked as the Director of ...
Angelica Garcia
Advocate: Angelica
Angelica Garcia is a Treatment Consultant for American Addiction Centers covering the Inland Empire, in California. Angelica has been with American Ad...
Dawan Gilmore
Advocate: Dawan
John Harris
Advocate: John
Kasey Hegedus
Advocate: Kasey
Ann Hooper
Advocate: Ann
Nate Ingram
Angela Johnson
Advocate: Angela
Darrell Jones
Advocate: Darrell
Tan Lee
Advocate: Tan
Kayla Leinenweber
Advocate: Kayla
Kymberly Lind
Advocate: Kymberly
Michael Macmanus
Advocate: Michael
Kate Manning
Advocate: Kate
Kate Manning is a Treatment Consultant for American Addiction Centers covering the state of Rhode Island in the Northeast territory. For 15 years, Kat...
Teresa Martinez
Advocate: Teresa
Colin Mcmasters
Advocate: Colin
James Miller
Advocate: James
Jaimee Moffitt
Advocate: Jaimee
Kelley Moore
Advocate: Kelley
Kelley has been a Behavioral Health Professional since 2005 when her then, 17 year old daughter, began her own journey to recovery. Unexpected, as mo...
Michelle Mora
Jamila Morris
Advocate: Jamila
A native of Nashville, TN, Jamila “Mila” Morris joined American Addiction Centers in 2015 as a Treatment Consultant for Dallas, TX. Prior to joining A...
Mizana Munir
Ashley Nadeau
Advocate: Ashley
Ashley Nadeau is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has been working in the field of addiction for over 10 years. In the past, she has worke...
Eileen Nichols
Advocate: Eileen
Carson Parker
Advocate: Carson
Carson Parker is currently the Regional Manager for Clinical Outreach  at American Addiction Centers.  Ms. Parker has worked in the field and behavior...
Melissa Pennel
Advocate: Melissa
Cyndi Polsinelli
Advocate: Cyndi
I grew up in Glenville, NY which is located right outside of the capital. My family is from Naples, Italy so I grew up in a traditional Italian house...
Angela Roberts
Advocate: Angela
Mark Russell
Michele Schwandt
Advocate: Michele
Debbie Smith
Advocate: Debbie
Jennifer Springer
Advocate: Jennifer
Josh Stein
Advocate: Josh
Josh Stein joined American Addiction Center’s in May of 2015 servicing the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. He has personally felt the effects of ad...
Billy Stoddard
Advocate: Billy
Dan Surico
Advocate: Dan
Brandy Suter
Advocate: Brandy
Melissa Tashjian
Advocate: Melissa
Melissa Tashjian has over 20 years experience working in the substance abuse treatment industry. She joined American Addiction Centers in August 2012...
Jacqueline Thompson
Advocate: Jacqueline
Roxanne Vold
Advocate: Roxanne
Cynthia Weber
Advocate: Cynthia
Coley Willis
Dawn Wisdom
Advocate: Dawn
Dawn M. Wisdom is the newest Treatment Consultant to the Mid-South region. Dawn started with American Addiction Centers in 2015 and worked with the in...
Zach Young
Advocate: Zach
As an Outreach Coordinator for American Addiction Centers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I have the unique privilege and task of connecting people that ...
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