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Colleges Are Considering Student Recovery Programs

For young adults who struggle with addiction, attending college can be a daunting task. Academic pressures can cause a lot of stress, […]

Letting the Secret Go

September 16, 2019

I expected a lot of overwhelming responses when I first informed my family that I was going to “quit drinking.” But the […]

Medically Complex Cases

September 10, 2019

Life and death decisions shouldn’t be met with doors closed in your face. Yet, for some who battle the disease of addiction, […]

Judgment Day for J&J

September 4, 2019

When it comes to citing liability for the opioid crisis, Purdue Pharma and its Sackler family owners top the list. After all, […]

Alumni Spotlight: He Played the Tape Through and Opted to Survive

September 2, 2019

Faced with the prospect of staying at rock bottom and likely losing his life, Recovery First alumnus Jonathan managed to click on […]

First Responder Addiction is Harshly Judged

August 29, 2019

Stealing a patient’s medication or figuring out a way to manipulate the narcotics we are entrusted to monitor is criminal behavior, and […]

Preliminary Data From the CDC Indicate That Overdose Deaths in the U.S. Fell in 2018

August 27, 2019

For the first time since 1990, the number of Americans killed by drug overdose may have dropped from the year prior. Preliminary […]

Data Reveals the Shocking Role of Drug Companies in the Opioid Epidemic

August 20, 2019

Last month, we got an unprecedented peek into the drug industry’s role in the opioid epidemic thanks to the release of a […]

Life on Life’s Terms

August 20, 2019

Even now, after nearly twenty years of sobriety I find myself fascinated with alcohol. I was in a Walmart store recently, picking […]

A Look into the Drug Culture in College

August 19, 2019

It is an inescapable truth that there is a thriving drug culture on college campuses all across the country. It is something […]

The Link Between Child Abuse and Substance Abuse

August 19, 2019

Parental substance abuse has a major impact on the well-being of children. It is estimated that 1 in 8 children in the […]

How Substance Abuse in Lawyers Negatively Affects Clients

August 19, 2019

Among working professionals, few occupations deal with as much stress and responsibility as lawyers. These problems often lead to overwhelming feelings and […]

Connections Between Stress and Substance Abuse in Lawyers

August 19, 2019

Becoming a lawyer offers people a professional work environment, an opportunity to help others, and significant financial benefits. They hold the prestige […]

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