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9 Sobriety Social Media Influencers

Social media is an undeniably powerful force of our modern culture. From geopolitical governance to trending makeup tutorials, social media has been proven able to shape, shift, and shake our collective consciousness. When it comes to recovery-oriented or sober lifestyles, social media has increasingly become a beacon for many–both for “sober curious” individuals and those […]

Sober Travel: What to Know Before You Go
Aug 3, 2023

Oh the Places You Can Go Without Alcohol Looking for a last-minute summer getaway or planning a future trip that doesn’t involve alcohol. Traveling can have its triggers, and while it used to be harder to find “dry” adventures in the booze-soaked travel industry, substance-free vacationing is actually a lot easier—and more fun—thanks to dry […]

3 Reasons Why Traveling to Drug Rehab is Best
Jul 26, 2023

  Is it better for a person to go to drug or alcohol rehab close to home or far away from home? In most cases, traveling to rehab is preferred over going to a place near where you live. While this may seem counterintuitive, expensive, and logistically challenging, in many cases, it’s the best decision. […]

Why Do People Relapse?
Jul 20, 2023

What is a Drug or Alcohol Relapse—and How is It Different from a Lapse? A relapse—which is often called a “recurrence” or a “return to substance use”—is simply an instance of substance use that occurs following a significant period of abstinence.1 When someone experiences a relapse, they may return to the same level of use […]

Summer and Sobriety: 7 Ideas for Alcohol-Free Fun
Jul 17, 2023

Summertime barbecues and all-inclusive vacations seem to be synonymous with alcohol consumption. So how does an individual in recovery maintain sobriety when those around them imbibe—sometimes heavily? Try these 7 tips to stay sober—and still have lots of fun—during festivities and travel this summer: 1. Throw a Party Summertime barbecues and pool parties typically involve […]

Financial Cost of Alcohol Use: How Much is Alcohol Use Really Costing You?
Apr 6, 2023

Overt Costs of Alcohol It’s difficult to keep a running total of how much you spend on each alcoholic drink, particularly because prices vary dramatically. After all, the wine you purchase at a local store and consume at home likely has a radically different price tag than the same bottle you purchased at a fine-dining […]

Tom Arnold: Addiction is No Laughing Matter
Mar 17, 2023

Lights. Camera. Substance misuse? Yes, the third word in that Hollywood catch phrase uttered by millions is “action.” But so many film and TV careers of some of our most brilliant actors have been riddled with a checkered pattern of alcohol and substance misuse that seem to be just as front and center as their […]

Unique Challenges Women with Substance Misuse Problems Face
Mar 8, 2023

Substance Misuse and Women Biologically, women are different. Sex hormones may make women more sensitive to substance use. For instance, as a result of substance use, women may experience adverse cardiovascular and neurological effects differently than men. Additionally, certain substances may cause panic attacks, anxiety, or depression in women. Furthermore, research indicates that women, who […]

Why Alcohol Causes Hangover Anxiety (i.e., Hangxiety)
Mar 3, 2023

Anxiety is a feeling of worry, unease, and/or fear that’s often accompanied by physical feelings such as nausea and chest tightness. “Hangxiety” (i.e., hangover anxiety), on the other hand, involves anxiety-like feelings that occur after drinking alcohol, most often following a night of drinking. Studies have found that alcohol can cause anxiety, especially when consumed […]

How Alcohol Affects the Cardiovascular System
Mar 1, 2023

Did you know that drinking a lot over time—or even too much on one occasion—can damage your heart? It’s true. Alcohol misuse can lead to strokes—even in people without pre-existing heart disease—contribute to high blood pressure; impact heart rate; and cause alcohol-associated cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle that makes it harder for the […]

Irene Rollins: Sobriety without Judgement
Feb 24, 2023

We hear it all the time: Substance misuse doesn’t discriminate. Each year, individuals from all walks of life—regardless of educational background, race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or occupation—meet the criteria for a substance use or alcohol use disorder. In fact, in 2021, 16.5% of Americans aged 12 or older had a substance use disorder. […]

Dating After Rehab: The Do’s and Don’ts
Feb 23, 2023

Recovery is a very personal journey. For most, early recovery involves focusing on their well-being; establishing boundaries; finding a healthy routine; seeking and receiving support; growing emotionally, mentally, and perhaps spiritually. It’s a time for lots of self-reflection and self-help to re-establish a positive personal identity. By nature, humans are social beings, and healthy relationships […]

Sober Black Girls on Sobriety
Feb 16, 2023

Empowerment. Support. Sobriety. These three words describe the Sober Black Girls Club, a safe online community where Black women, girls, and nonbinary people can share their struggles with substance use and also find resources, inspiration, and motivation to help them—wherever they may be in their recovery journey. According to the 2021 National Survey on Drug […]

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