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Cara Santana: Addiction Isn’t in Fashion

Who couldn’t use a little escape from reality? Whether you lose yourself in a riveting novel or binging a television series, going for a hike or getting physically active another way, leaving to-do lists behind for a few hours isn’t a bad thing. For some, however, escaping reality isn’t a simple on-off switch they can […]

Trends in American Addiction Treatment: State Data
Jul 26, 2022

In recent years, America’s addiction treatment industry has been transformed by twin forces: the opioid epidemic and the Affordable Care Act. Overdose deaths have climbed steadily since the early 2000s, creating a crisis of unprecedented proportions. Simultaneously, the ACA extended health coverage to millions of previously uninsured Americans and mandated the coverage of substance abuse treatment. This combination of widespread need […]

The Science Behind Addiction
Jul 26, 2022

We are all aware that illicit and some legal drugs can be harmful to our bodies and can lead to addiction, which in turn, can bring a wide range of long term negative effects on the body including health conditions affecting our quality of life. We are conditioned to think about drug use in a […]

The Long Term Effects of Drug Abuse and Life Expectancy
Jul 26, 2022

Habitual drug use has been a societal issue for as long as there have been societies, and it’s clear that things need to change. Drugs, like heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine, are getting easier to purchase and consume, which only increases the number of times users are compelled to take them. In fact, it’s not uncommon […]

The Heightened Risk of Substance Use Associated With Mental Illness
Jul 26, 2022

Substance use disorder can affect people from any background, ethnicity, or gender with equal opportunity, but there are certain factors that place people more at risk of becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol. One major risk factor that contributes to substance use disorder (SUD) is another co-occurring mental health disorder. Those diagnosed with mental health […]

Substance Abuse Treatment Trends in the US
Jul 26, 2022

How Substance Abuse Treatment Varies by State: Substances Used, Dropouts, and More Unfortunately, many individuals across the world struggle with substance misuse. It’s no small problem. In fact, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) estimated that 19.7 million American adults dealt with a substance use disorder in 2017. Millions of adolescents struggle as well. […]

Substance Abuse Among Food Service Workers
Jul 26, 2022

Substance use in the food service industry is a habit thought to be, albeit stereotypically, commonplace by many Americans. The high stress, often late-night work conditions fuel an environment where substance use is viewed as more socially acceptable than in other workplaces. With over 5 million restaurant jobs available in the United States, we decided this was […]

State of Veteran Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Jul 26, 2022

Across America, perhaps no one single group of people sacrifice more for their country than the armed service members – both active duty and retired veterans who at some point in their lives were willing to give up everything to protect and defend their nation. At the same time, the suicide rate among American veterans has increased by […]

School Stress for College Students and Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms
Jul 26, 2022

College campuses are busier than ever. With midterms and finals fast approaching, college students’ stress levels are skyrocketing. It isn’t just during these weeks, though, that students experience high levels of stress. In 2017, 45 percent of college students reported high levels of stress and that is only considering students who sought help from counselors. Between 2010 […]

Marijuana Busts Across The U.S.
Jul 26, 2022

A Look at Marijuana Busts Across the U.S. Earlier this summer, Illinois became the most recent state to legalize recreational marijuana – and this is just the latest of many feats made by the marijuana legalization movement. Since Washington and Colorado became the first states to legalize recreational cannabis use back in 2012, 9 other states have […]

Insta-Intoxicated: Top 100 Billboard Artists
Jul 26, 2022

From rockers’ drug-fueled debauches to rappers’ commitment to cannabis, popular music and substance use have long been linked. But whereas fans once discerned drug use from lyrics and live appearances, social media has brought new visibility to pop stars’ partying. Whether sipping champagne in the club or smoking weed in their studios, performers are now willing and able […]

Highest Drug Use By City
Jul 26, 2022

Addiction is a force that has gripped the US and drags people of all backgrounds down with it. While drugs pose a threat in virtually every community throughout the country overall, there are places where illicit substances are less common and rates of abuse are lower. In this study, our team analyzed data for 51 […]

Drunk Driving Statistics: Drinking & Driving in the US
Jul 26, 2022

We’d like to think that everyone realizes the dangers of drinking and driving nowadays, and with the advent of readily-available rideshare services used by a third of Americans, we hope that people are now deciding to leave their car at home if they are going out drinking. To find out whether this was the case, we […]

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