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Cara Santana: Addiction Isn’t in Fashion

Who couldn’t use a little escape from reality? Whether you lose yourself in a riveting novel or binging a television series, going for a hike or getting physically active another way, leaving to-do lists behind for a few hours isn’t a bad thing. For some, however, escaping reality isn’t a simple on-off switch they can […]

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder & Awareness
Jun 9, 2022

Post-traumatic stress disorder, widely known as “PTSD,” happens after an individual has experienced some sort of trauma. This may be defined as an event that is perilous or jolting  that the individual experiences for themselves or one that they see. People may experience this condition differently and shouldn’t look at it as a sign of […]

Military Service Members: Addictions & Co-Occurring Disorders
Jun 2, 2022

Military Service Members: Addictions & Co-Occurring Disorders We are constantly looking for protection from outside threats. It may be in the form of a password/face ID on our cell phones, an alarm system on our homes, or if on a broader scale, protection for our country comes in the form of our United States military. […]

Mental Health Awareness Month 2022
May 31, 2022

Mental Health Awareness Month is acknowledged in the month of May. And as we wrap up  these 31 days in Spring, let’s discuss the importance of maintaining an open dialogue about mental health. Although life is slowly attempting to return to whatever we consider “normal” at this point after battling a life with COVID for […]

Comedian Nikki Glaser & Mental Health
May 19, 2022

Laughter can be an elixir that temporarily lightens heavy hearts, and oftentimes, can bring people together. The human condition often seems tasked with the plight to continually feel good, be happy, or be whatever it is that is seen as favorable. But when it comes to drug or alcohol misuse or even mental health conditions […]

Sobriety: How to Live a Full Life in Recovery
May 12, 2022

Recovery may seem like a dream in the distant future for some. But the truth is, long-term recovery is a reality for many. And as much as alcohol misuse may seem to “choose” who it wants and the onus of the battle with alcoholism falls on the shoulders of the individual, it requires support from […]

Alcohol Misuse in the Workplace
Apr 28, 2022

Alcohol is both a legal and an intoxicating substance that is often intertwined in socially work-related settings. Needing to impress a potential client? Take them out for drinks. Happy Hour with co-workers meant to build comradery and good will? Show up after work ready for conversation and drinking. The Christmas party at work? Wear your […]

Alcoholism: Detox, Denial & Dangers
Apr 21, 2022

April is the month in which we observe Alcohol Awareness Month. Those that are struggling with the disease of alcohol addiction, as well as their family and friends that are impacted, can use support and encouragement, this month and always. Due to shame and stigma, so often those battling alcoholism, or alcohol use disorder, may […]

Do I Have a Drinking Problem?
Apr 14, 2022

Alcohol Awareness Month is observed in the month of April. As its name suggests, it’s meant to raise awareness about alcohol misuse, to end stigma associated with this type of addiction, and to bring understanding about effective treatments. This can be done by getting informed and reaching out to the public to let everyone know […]

How You Can Support “Alcohol Awareness Month”
Apr 7, 2022

It’s easy to overlook a struggle that you or your immediate family aren’t necessarily facing. If it’s not part of your experience, you may not even be aware that the struggle exists. But it doesn’t discriminate; individuals from all walks of life, different ages, and socioeconomical backgrounds are affected. And this is why it’s so […]

Alcohol Misuse: Pre-pandemic and Now
Mar 31, 2022

Alcohol misuse in the United States has been a challenge even before the pandemic. However, life “in the time of COVID” has exacerbated the problem. Alcohol is legal and readily available. Beer, wine, and hard liquor are socially acceptable substances to consume, despite the fact that, if misused, could be dangerous. Alcoholic beverages can be […]

Can the Pandemic Cause Depression?
Mar 24, 2022

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the entire world for the last two years. Economically, politically, socially, and the obvious attack, on our physical health itself. Who would’ve guessed that a virus could cause the level of destruction in the way that it has? Although, for some, the pandemic has served as a time of […]

Substance Addiction or Experimenting?
Mar 17, 2022

Why is it that some teens and young adults can try alcohol or experiment with drugs, and it somehow does not evolve into a substance addiction? Whereas, with others, they try it once or twice, find themselves not being able to control their compulsion to use more, and spend years struggling with addiction? Perhaps it’s […]

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