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Mental Health & LGBTQ+ Pride

Between Juneteenth and LGBTQ+ Pride, June has become a home to raising awareness about the experiences of two marginalized groups: Black Americans and those within the LGBTQ+ community. One group celebrates their freedom from slavery and the other celebrates their freedom to feel proud of who they are. Despite the fanfare and advocacy, there are […]

Substance Addiction or Experimenting?
March 17, 2022

Why is it that some teens and young adults can try alcohol or experiment with drugs, and it somehow does not evolve into a substance addiction? Whereas, with others, they try it once or twice, find themselves not being able to control their compulsion to use more, and spend years struggling with addiction? Perhaps it’s […]

A Continuous Cycle of Not Giving Up Alcohol by State
March 14, 2022

  What percent of Americans have never given up alcohol for a prolonged period of time? Find out with our new survey! 3,255 survey respondents.

Impact of Substance Misuse in TV & Film
March 10, 2022

Television, film, celebrities, and even social media influencers by their very name, can influence the public’s buying habits, create and guide the narrative of conversations, and over time, even shift paradigms. Likewise, contingent on the viewer’s perspective, the media can seemingly glorify substance use, shame those struggling with a substance use disorder, or create an […]

Opioid Use Disorder & Raising Awareness
March 2, 2022

Many celebrities have used their platform as a podium and microphone to lead a narrative about issues that genuinely matter to them, especially in recent years. Everything from political and social concerns to mental health and substance addiction. With the opioid crisis having such a profound and negative impact as it is, it’s not a […]

Family, Substance Addiction & Healing
February 28, 2022

Addiction not only impacts those who are battling the disease themselves, but it impacts the lives of their friends and loved ones. The emotional roller coaster that these families seem to continuously ride on with very few stops in between can be overwhelming. Substance addiction affects all of us if it affects just one of […]

Fentanyl: Why is it so Lethal?
February 24, 2022

“I’m only going to try it one time.” Unfortunately, there are many teenagers and young adults who make such a declaration and don’t get the opportunity to say much more after unknowingly taking a lethal dose of fentanyl. Substance addiction has been a serious matter from one generation to the next, whether it’s been methamphetamines, […]

Are You a Gray Area Drinker?
February 23, 2022

36 million Americans are ‘gray area drinkers’, survey finds.    

Decriminalization of Drug Possession
February 17, 2022

Lately, everything has been up for debate. Topics that many had already drawn conclusions based upon established facts, have now been reduced to heated arguments across the dinner table or perhaps an interpretative dance of opposing sides. Why wouldn’t the decriminalization of drug possession be any different? Should laws be modified in order to help […]

Drug Overdoses & the Pandemic
February 10, 2022

We are approaching our third year into this pandemic. That sentence alone stirs up some sort of emotion with most, if not all of us, at this point. Whether an individual struggles with a substance use disorder (SUD), an alcohol use disorder (AUD), or nothing at all, the marathon that is the reality of COVID […]

Addiction Recovery & Sobriety Phone Apps
February 3, 2022

After completing a treatment program for alcohol and/or substance misuse, individuals are advised to remain connected to supportive family and friends, as well as to support groups. This includes returning to a safe home environment or attending a sober living facility, depending on the situation, circumstances, and needs of the individual. Doing so allows those […]

Brian Cuban: Substance Addiction
February 2, 2022

From the outside peeking into someone’s else’s world, it may seem that the outsider sees and understands what that individual is up against solely based upon a glimpse into that life. But only the individual living that life truly knows the totality of their own battles and struggles. Whether they’re a lawyer, an author, a […]

Substituting Substance Addiction
January 27, 2022

There are concerning instances when some individuals struggling with a substance addiction first get sober. Even though they work through recovery, some replace the time spent previously dedicated to misuse of alcohol or drugs with different compulsive or otherwise problematic behaviors in another area of their life. For example, excessive exercising, compulsive gambling, or perhaps […]

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